Today is the generation of advertising. People have realized the importance and the wonders the advertising can do in the field of sales and marketing. And why not? There are mainly two ways the public can get to know about a product, which is either by the word of the mouth advertising or the physical form of advertising. The LED screen with its dynamic data display and graphical display function can be the right mode of advertising on highways, public places like railway stations, airports, outside the stores etc. The LED screens with typically longer life, low power consumption, and high brightness can be the success formula for a product advertisement. And what can be a better way to achieve this economically than making it work with LED screen rental in Dubai?

However, there are a few things to keep in mind just in case you are looking for LED screen rentals. First and foremost would be to identify if you need the LED screen for indoor or outdoor advertising as the specifications of the LED screens to differ in both the cases. Let’s see how the indoor LED screens are different from the outdoor LED screens.

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How are Outdoor LED Screens different from the Indoor LED Screens?

  1. As with the mobiles or the televisions, the outdoor LED screens need to be at least ten times brighter than the indoor LED screens. Usually, in case of the outdoors, ultra-high brightness LED screens are put into use.
  2.  Taking the extreme outdoor conditions into consideration the outdoor LED screens are built waterproof, dustproof, lightning proof, high temperature resistant, and enabled to withstand the wind and sunlight maintaining the constant ultra-high brightness throughout.
  3. The outdoor LED screen pixel pitch is relatively lower than the indoor LED screen pixel pitch.
  4. Outdoor LED screens have an entire range of features the indoor LED screens lack. Apart from the ultra-high brightness, they have full-color range, modular structure design, VLSI design technology, ultra Grayscale control technology, which improves the stability and reliability of the outdoor LED screen displays.
  5. In the indoor LED screens, the three and a table full-color screen spectrophotometric color feature is better and the color saturation is superior to the outdoor LED screens. Also, the indoor LED screens have the whole faces shinning to make the color uniform on the display.
  6. The indoor LED screens due to the three and a table full-color screen spectrophotometric color feature, which is ideally separated from the power supply, consume lesser power. The faster heat dissipation and low power consumption extend the service life of the indoor LED screens by far.

Our technicians at Techno Edge Systems LLC can help you out in taking the well-informed decision on whether to opt for Indoor or Outdoor LED screen rental based on your requirement. Contact us at +971-57-4653108 or visit our website for more information on LED screen rentals in Dubai.

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