It is a well-understood concept in marketing and sales that if you cannot capture your customer’s attention and make sure that they listen to what you say, you have no chance of making a sale or closing the deal at all- no matter what you do afterward.

It is obviously very clear that if you can attract anyone’s attention, you will have a much easier time making your point clear and building a connection with your customer, apart from impressing them with your communications and marketing skills.

However, to achieve this, you need great audiovisual equipment since it is difficult to keep the attention on you with only words. However, we all know how expensive and difficult to maintain audiovisual equipment is.

Audio Visual Rental by Techno Edge Systems LLC Helps You Out:

Techno Edge Systems LLC, realizing the scope of your company’s growth through this, has offered an entire line of audiovisual equipment on rent to help you prepare better for an investor’s meet, product presentation, business plan presentation, a promotional event or business expo.

With our top of the range audio visual equipment, your entire presentation will look like a high-end Hollywood production that is inspiring, interesting and attractive.

We offer AV rentals, Sound rentals, Renting audiovisual systems and AV services for all of our customers.

Our Offerings:

We offer a wide range of products to satisfy our client’s requirements. Every scenario is different and hence, every client’s requirements are different. The following is a list of audio-visual equipment provided by us:


(All include standard zoom lens)

• NEC NP50 DLP Projector – 2,600 ANSI Lumens (1024×768)

• NEC NP-M300W LCD Projector – 3,000 ANSI Lumens (1280×800) (16:10)

• NEC NP4000 DLP Projector – 5,200 ANSI Lumens (1024×768)

• NEC NP4100 DLP Projector – 6,200 ANSI Lumens (1024×768)

• NEC PX750U DLP Projector – 7,500 ANSI Lumens (1920×1200) (16:10)

Projector Lenses:

• NEC PX750U (Wide Angle) NP16FL .76:1

• NEC PX750U (Long Throw) NP20ZL 3.58-5.38:1

• Panasonic PT-DZ870UK (Long Throw) ET-DLE350 3.6-5.4:1

• Panasonic PT-DZ870UK (Wide Angle) ET-DLE085 .08-1.0:1

audio visual rental

Video Playback and Record-Decks:

• Denon Professional DVD Playback Deck

• Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player

• Sound Devices PIX 240 HD video recorder

• Black Magic H264 Converter Recorder (Laptop Required)

Projection Screens 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect:

• Hang Kit for Fast Fold Screens

• Draper Matte White, 6 Tripod

• Screen Works 7.5′ x 10′ Front/Rear Projection, Fast Fold w/Dress Kit Option

• AV Stumpfl 9′ x 12′ Front/Rear Projection, Fast Fold w/Dress Kit Option

• Screen Works 10.5′ x 14′ Front/Rear Projection, Fast Fold w/Dress Kit Option

Projection Accessories:

• Kramer 1:4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier

• AJA HD-SDI to HDMI Converter

• Dsan Perfect Cue Presention Remote

• iTrio 100w (Wireless HD) – Transmitter & Receiver

• Apple Mac Adapter Kit (6 Adapters)

audio visual rental dubai

Drapery & Staging:

• Wenger 4’x8′ Staging with 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″, or 30″ Legs and Skirting

• Wenger 4’x4′ Staging with 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″, or 30″ Legs and Skirting

• Stairs for Wenger Staging (For 16″ or 24″ High Stage)

Film and Slide Projectors:

• Dukane Overhead Projector, Portable

• Bell & Howell 16mm Film Projector

• Kodak 35mm Slide Projector, With Remote, Spare Lamp & Carousel

Unparalleled Support:

Apart from our exhaustive inventory, we also have a huge staff that is trained and skilled enough to handle every single piece of equipment we provide you and ensure that your presentation ahs no interruptions or hurdles. Our engineers and technicians ensure that all our equipment is in top working order and all the maintenance is carried out as recommended by the manufacturers to ensure that your audio visual rental experience is unparalleled, just like our service!

Techno Edge Systems LLC is the industry leader in providing AV equipment and has provided equipment for the largest event organizers in Dubai and UAE. Our quality, standard of technicians and commitment to quality has ensured that our customer base keeps expanding and we keep growing year on year.

If you ever require audio visual equipment on rent or audio visual lease, you can always contact us on
+971-54-4653108 for prompt response and amazing service!