Laptop Rental Dubai: Transitions itself as one of the preferred choice for corporate.

In today’s scenario, umpteen numbers of corporate companies today mostly prefer the laptop rental in Dubai as these rental options best suits for their computational needs at their workplaces.

In fact, most of the companies who happen to lease out the laptops and notebooks for a pretty long time period have increased their productivity since these laptops are persistently used for some specific training purposes and also for the sales personnel who are constantly on their business travel. Laptops with high configuration have proved to be a boon for them while on their move.

Laptop Rental Dubai

Some of the most pivotal reasons for the laptop rentals could be for the following satisfying mandates:

  • For a start-up company, wherein they work on a short notice software project, which involves little developer’s intervention, the laptop on rental module works a best as it saves a good amount of time in the selection of high configuration laptop.
  • This would also apply the same for the companies who are looking forward to large volumes of laptops urgently, in this case; the laptops on rent has always been a worthwhile option in hand, as the renting vendor could provide you with surplus laptops so that you can start your work instantaneously.
  • For a training academy, laptop rental has been very beneficial as they could give access to the students to some of the training links instantly so that the students can immensely benefit from the training course and possibly could explore more into their online projects.
  • In the event, that your existing laptop has been subjected to a technical glitch and has been sent to the service center for the servicing, the laptops on rent would be an ideal replacement so that you work still work on them and complete your pending projects in hand.

Techno Edge Systems has emerged as one of the pivotal players to render the Laptop Rental in Dubai, UAE. We have many variants of the high configuration laptops at our end and we also ensure that the laptops bring about the best output and superior computational needs of the end user.

Technical Support by Techno Edge Systems:

Techno Edge Systems have been the preferred tag name in the market today in offering the premium technical support on the entire rental laptops which are being rented out to the vast customer’s across Dubai, UAE. We constantly boast of having the technically skilled engineers in-house who are always on the vigil to render their technical support to the customer instantly and ensuring that the customers leverage the best on the laptops without any technical hindrance.

In the event that if you are an entrepreneur or a software startup company and have plans to immediately start up with a software project. You can surely bank on us for the laptops on rent which could, in fact, serve your purpose. Please call us on +971555279076 so that our sales team could revert back to you on the same. For more comprehensive information, you can visit our official site:

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The preferred choice of laptops for varied users

Laptop rental becomes a soothing solution for some of the numerous startup initiatives

Laptop rental in Dubai transitions as a boon for SME’s

Laptop rentals in Dubai becomes a boon for umpteen entrepreneurs and academic institutions

Laptop rentals  has always been proven to be a very handy tool when it comes to a sudden and a crucial business meeting with a client or trade event which is suddenly arranged. Laptops on rent have always been a very component when an entrepreneur is to travel.

Techno Edge Systems have been on the market for decades and have been gaining a good reputation of constantly assisting entrepreneur’s in large with a wide array of laptop rentals in Dubai, UAE.

Our range of laptops

We take a pride in having a wide range of laptops, which are lightweight, as these laptops can get into an easy packing since the laptops are very sleek. The laptop comes very handy instrument as it seamlessly connects to the Wi-Fi or the data package as this powerful feature has significantly facilitated the entrepreneurs in showcasing his products and services very easily to the targeted audience.

Seamless Usages

For a business professional, laptop for rent has always proven to be very useful as they need not attempt themselves in procuring the permanent laptops and can completely rely on the laptop rentals. More importantly, the laptop for rent in Dubai has always benefitted the entrepreneur in having the most advanced laptop with plenty of apps available in it to have the excellent communications with the audience and further enticing them to take the purchase decision for their products and services.

Laptop Rental

Laptops for business presentations

Laptops have gained immense reputation and popularity among the professionals who are always keen on showing their products and services across to the multitudes of audiences when during a travelling or in connection with an important conference, these laptops with the latest apps installed would bring about the best return on investment (ROI) for the professional in the long run.

Techno Edge System has been able to assist their services to umpteen numbers of entrepreneurs across Dubai, UAE. The laptop for rental when subjecting them to an overhead projector has always attracted the visitor and transforming them into prospective customers.

Laptops at Academic institutions

It has proven to be a boon that laptops have become a most pivotal tool to conduct the training seminar or classes for students and making the whole platform very educational and at the same time very informative.

Techno Edge Systems have been extensively rendering their vast array of laptops which specifically suits the academic institutions, wherein they could be making it compatible to run a counseling session for students who apply for higher education in Dubai or abroad.

In the event, that you are planning to conduct product campaigns for a trade show or a conference, meeting etc., you can surely bank on us for the instant delivery of laptops for rentals in Dubai. Please call us on +971555279076 we would be immensely happy to assist you with your initiatives. We would also appreciate if you could browse our official website at

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Choose Laptop Rentals for Testing Latest Tech

Profitable business with a rental laptop in Dubai

What can a rental laptop mean to you?

Choose Laptop Rentals in Dubai for Testing Latest Tech Launches

Microsoft is rolling out two new features with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for PCs. Read ahead to find out the juicy details of the two latest features.

Laptops are not just meant for the fully-abled people anymore. The new Windows 10 feature is a breakthrough, which will help the physically challenged people also to use laptops without much effort. The ‘Eye Control’ feature of Windows 10 will help the users to navigate through the OS with the help of eye control alone. Try out the new feature with the laptop rental in Dubai and look for yourself what is in store.

Of course, the new Microsoft feature requires a compatible aid, in the likes of the Tobii Eye tracker 4C. The feature when turned on, a launch pad will help in controlling the mouse, keypad, and the text-speech tool by reading the eye movements.  For the moment, the eye control feature works only on the US English language keyboard, however, it is soon going to adapt well to the other languages as well. Operating the mouse with the eyes is as simple as selecting the mouse option from the launch pad and position the eyes wherever they want the cursor to be placed. On the similar lines, the users can select the keyboard from the launch pad and focus on the characters they want to be typed.

Laptop Rental in Dubai


However, there seem to be some loopholes in the tool, one of which is its inability to work under sunlight. Apparently, the tool needs to be calibrated differently for working under diverse lighting conditions. Another, should we say an inconvenience is the fact that the Launchpad which partially blocks the Tobii UI, makes it difficult during the device calibration. However, turning the Eye Control feature off, one can change the calibration of the UI and once again turn the feature on. Dismissing the loopholes, for now, the Eye Control feature is definitely worth trying, isn’t it? What’s your take?

Microsoft has made advancement on another ground altogether as well. This time it is with the console. We have been seeing the windows command prompt in monochrome alone for past 20 years except for maybe in the sci-fi movies. The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build (v16257), which brings the ‘Eye Control’ feature, also supports the color Windows console. However, it is reported that the default settings have to be tweaked a bit to give the modern look and feel on the latest display screens.

At Techno Edge Systems LLC, we offer laptop rentals in Dubai to meet all kinds of requirements. Be it, for the meeting, events, testing the new products, tradeshows, business use or personal use, we offer laptops on rent; contact us for more information at              +971 55 5279076 or visit us at

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Laptops for business presentations

Profitable business with a rental laptop in Dubai

What can a rental laptop mean to you?

Make a profitable business with a rental laptop in Dubai

Laptops are necessary for any company to run its business. But maintaining them and understanding them can be a tough job. Be it in terms of upgrading them, satisfying their constant needs, or updating with their new versions. There are also unlucky chances of the business to go down since the focus shifts into wasting time and effort in dealing with these things.

Laptop Rental in Dubai

You can think the smart way by renting instead of buying so that the rental agency would see through all the requirements before hiring the rental laptop. You can remain relaxed, putting the core focus on your business and boosting up the productivity.

Instances where purchasing and maintaining can be a trouble for your business:

1) Out of use:

For a week’s purpose, the business may need a few laptops. After use, they are kept aside hoping to use later. The devices may be broken, damaged or misplaced. So they do not serve the purpose when a productive meeting or event needs to be held. The progress of the business might be affected.

2) Technology changes

The modern business has become more global and competitive. With technology utilized at an optimum level, the chances of success in business can be way far high. But you may be wondering as to how much time, money and effort you are investing in the technological aspects of the laptops.

Renting over buying can help relieve you of the extra burden and allow you to work closely on your goals. All the technical requirements will be taken care of by the rental agency itself.

3) Deficit in laptops

For training sessions, a certain number of laptops may come into a requirement. If the number available is less, it is not possible to conduct the training for all the employees at once but in batches. If you stick to buying, you cannot always reach the exact number since the requirement may differ with the occasion.
For all the hassles arising out of buying and maintaining laptops, easy and smart way is to hire a laptop. Rent when and where you choose to, they can serve right then. So business goes smoothly with a boost up.

Are you looking for a laptop hire in Dubai? See if we might be the ones you are on the search for. At Techno Edge Systems L.L.C in Dubai, we have a large number of laptops of various brands pooling with us. Pick the model, version, size, weight or color you want at an affordable price. In addition, we extend prompt IT services to satisfy our customers to the core. We make quality control check before you rent the laptop from us. Believing in a friendly and a healthy relationship with our clients is our motto for success.

Business profits are close by with our rental laptops that help you work your way up the ladder without interruption.

To be on par with the competition around you, contact Techno Edge Systems L.L.C at     +971 55 5279076 or visit

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Choose Laptop Rentals for Testing Latest Tech

What can a rental laptop mean to you?