In the recent years, the projectors have gained immense popularity in the consumer market as these devices have not only been confined for corporate entities for their varied corporate meetings, technical conferences, and their product presentations but have been most chosen devices for home-based consumers to enjoy the pleasure of home theatre experiences.



In this endeavor, the projector rental in Dubai has become the most popular segment for most of the home users who are not in a position to afford the huge, costing for the projectors to be deployed at home and it becomes a boon for the users who are very keen to have them at home and enjoy the pleasure of viewing a movie with picture-quality, image resolution and last but not the least the sound quality.

  • Projectors have drastically replaced the theatre

In fact, the home theatre experiences have drastically replaced the users who were venturing out to watch movies in a theatre to have a pleasure of watching the movie with complete surround sound coupled with the clarity of the projected image which appears on the screen.

  • Growing demand for projector in the consumer market

With the advent of the projects getting more into the home users, the demand for projectors has been tremendously increasing and has expected to be an ever increasing in the coming years. There are many types of projectors have come in the market with different usage added benefit a lot.

Advancement in the technology

In today’s scenario, the advancement in the technology has made it really conceivable that a mere attachment of a DVD player with the projector could enable a user to have a wonderful theatre experience with the complete multimedia sound which makes the difference.

Anecdote: The most important component of the projector in reference to the picture image is measured in lumens. As an analogy, the projectors which are used for home theatre would range from 1000 lumens and can scale up to 2500 lumens and beyond.

Projectors and their subsequent lumen recommended for home users

  • If the user is more confined with the finest sound quality, image resolutions, they can opt for more than 1000 lumens.
  • In the event that the rooms which have got a sufficient light should opt for a minimum 1500 lumens.

Techno Edge systems have been the pioneers in dealing with a varied range of projectors which are in fact suitable for varied customers across the landscape. We have laid emphasis in catering to the home user segment for their home viewing.

If you are a user who is keen in exploring the pleasure of watching the movie with an enlarged picture presentation and sound quality at home, please approach us at Techno Edge Systems and call us at +971-54-4653108 so that our team can deploy the projectors at home. Please visit our official website at for more information.

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