If you are a small or a medium-sized business (SMB), this blog is mainly for you. Printer rental is ideal for the SMBs as it not only cuts the cost of investment but also meets the demand for the occasional need of printouts. The printer rental especially a laser printer rental helps the SMBs to compete with the large businesses’ standards without shelling out too much from the pocket.


Printer Rental Dubai

Who benefits the most with the Printer Rental in Dubai?

  • If you are an SMB and carry out most of your activities from home through emails, over the phone and very rarely depend on hard copies which only arise when the client demands.
  • If you are a low investment business where you intend to cut down the expenditure to maintain liquid cash or invest on the assets which do not depreciate. The resale value of the printer depreciates over time.
  • If you rarely require the printouts, but at times need high-quality printouts for particular jobs.
  • If you do own a basic printer and for a few selected jobs you need the high-end laser printer or in the likes.
  • If you are not a technology freak and don’t mind the latest printers with high-end technology entering into the market, however, you end up needing one up-to-date printer cum scanner cum photocopier for a project.

While all the above scenarios scream the need of a printer rental, they also point towards one more thing. The short-term requirement of a printer, which is of no use once the job is done.

Printer Rental for intermittent or long-term use:

  • You are doing well with the basic inkjet printer, however, a need of a high-quality printer arises for a week, you can opt for printer rental for a week.
  • You know you can wrap up a particular job in a few hours; printer rental is also available on an hourly basis.
  • You want to try out an advanced printer for a few months before you take a call, printer rentals are offered on monthly basis.
  • As simple as postponing the investment cost for a few years until your business has picked up, could also be an instance where you can go for printer rental on yearly basis.

Printer Rental Vs Owning a printer:

While there are many advantages and disadvantages on either side, the fact of the matter is that the printer rental saves/postpones the investment cost. In a long run, with the printer rental if the rental amount does exceed the actual cost of the printer, one you can always buy out the printer from the rental agency at a mutually agreeable cost. Two, you will end up with more capital than before you took the printer for rent due to the interest accumulated.

We at Techno Edge Systems LLC offer most basic to high-end laser printers for rent in Dubai. To avail printer rental solutions in Dubai, contact us at +971 54 4653108 or visit our website www.laptoprentlauae.com.

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