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When most of us think of New York’s Times Square, the first thing that hits us is the LED digital display. Such is the power of the LED screens in the field of advertising, event capturing, marketing or product promotion. The applications of LED screens are massive be it outdoor or indoor LED screens. Big shopping malls and even the large MNCs are adopting LED technology to create curiosity among the onlookers. Here at Techno Edge Systems, we provide LED Screen Rentals for indoor and outdoor applications to enable even the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to play big at advertising.

LED Screen Rental Dubai
Applications of Indoor LED display screens

Shopping Malls:

Large shopping malls across countries are using the LED screens as the medium for various brands and event promotion. LED display, in fact, is one of the easiest ways to reach out to the prospective customers than any other form of advertising as they provide the real-time information of the product which can be easily updated through the computer at the backend.

Retail Stores:

The requirement of the LED display screens in the retail stores is big time. Right from displaying the product information to offers /discounts in the retail store can be displayed on the LED screens. Retail stores are going to the extent of setting up interactive LED screens to enable the customers to check the product information or having a live chat with the product expert. Demonstration of the newly introduced product, or the store layout information like the aisles display any anything to everything can be tapped with the use of LED screens in a retail store.


LED screen displays in sports arenas are not uncommon. However, gymnasiums where the indoor sports like the basketball, handball, and volleyball are played also use the scoreboards where the team scores, individual player faults etc are displayed. Apart from this, it has become a standard practice to use LED screens for advertising the product information of the partners during the games.


The movie theatres are also looking to make use of 4k LED screens to replace the projection screens very soon. The trend has already begun with Samsung introducing the Onyx screens aka 4k LED theatrical screens in different parts of the world already. With the LED screens, the movie experience is expected to go several notches higher. With the LED screens in the movie theatres, the audience needn’t sit in complete darkness for good picture quality. The LED screens can offer similar or better experience in the partially lit zones as well.

Benefits of Indoor LED screens :

• As per a survey, 40% of the visitors like to visit a store due to the presence of the LED screens.
• LED screens provide information as well as entertainment to the onlookers as opposed to the static display screens.
• LED screens can increase brand awareness by 86% as per a study.
• 90% of the retailers claim to benefit hugely in terms of increased consumer footfall due to the deployment of the LED screens in their store.
• LED screens can be customized very easily by means of the computer controlling the display screens as compared to the static displays.

We at Techno Edge Systems offer LED screen rental in Dubai for every use. Our technicians as a practice, first visit the premises, perform a survey and then suggest the ideal LED screen based on the requirement and your budgetary constraints. Contact us at +971-54-4653108 or visit our website www.laptoprentaluae.com for LED screen rental in Dubai.

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