Though tablets are becoming increasingly popular due to its unmatched portability, laptops are still ruling the computing world with its immense storage capacity and performance.  It is not as if laptops are impossible to be carried around; they do serve the purpose of the portability just like a tablet does, making the laptops versatile products meant for every use.

For dedicated laptop fans who like to stick to the flexibility the laptops offer, we at Techno Edge Systems offer the latest range of laptop rental in Dubai for a wide variety of use.



Why laptops have an edge over tablets?

Lack of keyboard: With the users more tuned to typing on the keyboard, it makes it difficult to type with as much speed on the virtual keyboards that offer various patterns or layouts for typing. Moreover, you need to put the tablet in your lap for extensive typing failing the purpose of the hand-held device like a tablet. This means while laptops are meant for prolonged typing, the tablets are made to handle the to-the-point form of communication making the laptops ideal for business use, student use where a tremendous amount of typing is required.

Storage Capacity: The laptops by far beat the tablets where the storage capacity is concerned. While the laptops rely on the conventional hard disks to offer about 500 GB of storage capacity, the tablets depend on the SSDs which are though faster with low consumption of energy, offer only 16-128 GB of storage.

Performance: When it comes to performance, once again laptops have the edge. Though for handling simple tasks like browsing the net or checking emails, both the laptops and the tablets more or less fare up similarly, there is a marked difference when it comes to multi-tasking, or with the video or photo editing. Agreed that iPad Pro has some ground-breaking technology making it as good as an average laptop when compared to its laptop counterpart, it once again falls behind.

Dependency: While you can have a laptop as a fully functional device for carrying out all the functionalities, the tablet cannot fare up to be a standalone device. Tablets are essentially secondary devices which need additional computer support for cloud storage or for backing up files.

Though there isn’t the same amount of portability when we compare the laptops and the tablets, the laptops offer high-end flexibility with its performance and ease of use. Contact Techno Edge Systems at +971-54-4653108 if you are looking for any kind of laptop rental in Dubai.

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