The gadget market is booming with new and advanced models being introduced every day. It becomes a tough decision for users to choose which is a better choice for their specific needs.

Laptops and tablets are widely popular among users as they come with advanced features and provide users with specialized experiences.

When given a choice of opting for any one among these two devices, it becomes a tough decision for users to take.

The tablets are smaller in size and occupy less space. They bring the convenience of operating from any place.

Laptops are portable and have the advantage of more storage space and hence, are preferred by professionals who need extra storage space.

Laptop Rentals in Dubai

Laptop vs Tablets

Laptops have more storage capacity than Tablets: The laptops have extra storage space as compared to the tablets. Even though tablets have a microSD card slot, they still cannot match the storage capacity of laptops. The laptops have enough space to store large data files, media files, songs, and videos. The tablets also can store these files but to a limited extent. They need to be checked regularly for memory as less memory will slow them down. This is the reason why business professionals often opt for laptops rather than a tablet.

Keyboard: The laptops come with a physical keyboard, whereas the tablets have a virtual keyboard. It becomes strenuous while working on the virtual keyboard for a lot of documentation. The comfort of typing on the physical keyboard cannot be achieved on a virtual keyboard.

Better connectivity: The tablets come with a USB port, HDMI port, and several other features just like the laptops. But they fall back when compared with the number of software applications available for laptops.

DVD/CD drive: Laptops have a DVD/CD drive to store files or to access any audio or video files. Tablets only have the option of a USB port that can provide limited storage space.

Easy upgradation: The tablets can be upgraded for more storage space and memory but it becomes a costly affair. The laptops on the other hand can be upgraded with easy replacement of individual parts.

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