Techno Edge Systems L.L.C is the Pioneer in providing Interactive Touch Screen Rentals. We have one of the largest inventory of Interactive Touch Screens available in Dubai. Whether it is learning or showcasing your new product line, Interactive Touch Screens are all about the user experience in today’s digital world.


Interactive Touch Screen Rental

Benefits of Interactive Touch Screens:

Easy to Use:

Unlike other devices, These Touch screens do not require any external device to control. You get to control what you want with your fingertips.

Unique experience:

Showcasing your new product line or learning something off an Interactive Touch screen gives a different experience for both end-users and students as they get to interact with the content more physically than virtually. This completely changes the way end-user looks at the product line and creates a unique and fun experience.

Active Learning:

Interactive Touch screen opens doors for active learning for the students their minds are actively engaged in the learning process.

More Enthusiasm and Engagement for the students:

Interactive Touch screens help motivate students to pay more attention to details and helps them to be more positive about learning new things. Students also get to be more active in participation and cooperation in the classroom activities.

Easy to Install:

Takes lesser time than setting up a new computer and helps you kick start with your content in no time.

Almost zero maintenance:

Interactive Touch screen needs no maintenance, but if your device does get into any trouble, Our expertise at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C got you covered.

Longer lifespan:

Has no external connections, cables, or Chords unlike a computer, They require no maintenance activities. No maintenance means a longer lifespan.

Energy Efficient:

Interactive Touch screens consume less energy to get the same job done and in the process, avoiding high energy bills.

Here at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C, We have a wide variety of Interactive Touch screens available for renting purposes at a pocket-friendly price. Getting yourself an Interactive Touch screen not only helps boost your customer experience but also saves IT time and reduces related costs.

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