Touch Screens are used in increasing numbers for event registrations. With the advent of technology, new age methods are implemented at various types of events to attract a large crowd and keep them engaged.

  • The traditional way of a person standing at a kiosk holding a placard or a signboard explaining about the products they are offering, will help in reaching out to audience in a small way as after few minutes they will lose interest and turn to the next kiosk.
  • A touch screen in contrast will add value to your product display with its moving and colourful images.
  • Connecting to the next generation becomes easier with a touch kiosk at event registrations, as it will tickle their inquisitive mind drawing their attention towards the presentation.
  • Touchscreens are ideal for advertisements and marketing as well as for educational fairs and trainings. It gives a tech savvy look to your event and increases the brand image.
  • The ease of handling these devices makes them a great choice.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

Why use Touch Screen for event registrations?

  • Touch screens are apt for APP demonstrations. With their big display, viewing the various features of the APP is clear.
  • There is no need of a person to stand at the kiosk and give demonstration. Any interested person can browse through the various offerings.
  • Touch Screens are eco-friendly as they reduce the use of paper a lot.
  • The visitor data can be stored online for further business promotions.
  • Any product presentation becomes more interesting with Touch Screen display, as it attracts people and makes the speaker heard.
  • One can use them to take any notes given in the form of suggestions by visitors.
  • They help to improve the overall participation of the attendee.
  • They can be a great option for interactive quiz and product survey campaigns.

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