Touch Screens are a great way to attract visitors to a trade show booth. The highly intuitive display provides a unique opportunity to communicate and convey the message to event-goers.

Touch Screens are an instant attraction to audiences with real-life-like images and also the advanced touch technology gives a mesmerizing experience.

Touch Screens installed at trade shows, exhibitions, and business conferences add a tech-savvy look to the event thereby attracting potential customers.

Today’s generation is more attracted to gadgets, and interactive Touch Screens are the best way to keep them engaged.

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Benefits of Touch Screen During Events:

Attractive display screens: Touch screens allow event organisers to display app presentations, product details, and service information on a large scale. Touch screens are the perfect medium to launch websites, demonstrate apps, and content on big screens. Large touch screens allow multiple displays on the same screen allowing for multitasking thereby increasing the productivity.

Promotions: Touch screens make a great choice for promoting the brand. Games make a great way to attract people to the tradeshow booth. Including small clippings of products and services during the game course helps in building the brand image.

Touch screen kiosks: Displaying maps for easy navigation through the venue helps guests to find their desired trade booth without much hassle. Touch screen monitors and kiosks are perfect for displaying interactive documents, galleries, maps, and schedules at the event.

Registrations: Touch screen technology helps in speeding up the registration process by allowing the visitors to fill the forms without the need of a designated resource. They can be prompted to fill the registration form including personal details like email and mobile number. This information can later be used for promotions. Hence, Touch screen kiosks can be used to gather information for lead generation.

Presentations: Touch screen displays allow trade show organisers to conduct immersive and engaging presentations to attract visitors. The touch functionality allows users to zoom in and zoom out charts and graphs and move slides forward in an interesting way. Users can instantly share their views online through the touch screens.

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