Touch Screens are the most innovative technology developed for ease of use and efficiency in recent times.

Touch technology used in mobiles, laptops, television, and tablets has changed the business scenario significantly.

Touch Screens are mostly used for inputs, surveys, and other data-feeding requirements during exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, or polling.

Touch Screens work using the sensor technology to sense the finger press and display the data onto the screen. They are input devices positioned over liquid crystal panels that allow user input and function display.

It is possible to intuitively and directly input and control displayed prompts that make them user-friendly devices.

Touch Screen Rentals Dubai

Different types of Touch Screens:

Resistive Touch Screen: The Resistive Touch Screens are the basic and most popular kind of Touch Screens. The name comes from their resistive nature to touch input. Two layers conduct the touch input and bend towards one another to touch while there is an input given. Tiny dots separate the layers. A software recognises the point of contact of the layers and the function is executed.

Capacitive Touch Screen: These are coated with a transparent conductive film. When a fingertip comes into contact with the screen, it uses the conductivity of the human body as an input. There are two potentially functioning parts of the capacitive Touch Screen, the projective and the surface. The surface uses the sensors, and the projective uses a grid with a chip to sense the touch. These kinds of Touch Screens are highly responsive.

Optical Touch Screen: Optical Touch Screens use infrared emitters combined with infrared image sensors to continuously scan the Touch Screen. When an object comes into contact, the infrared light received by the sensors is blocked. The location of contact is calculated using information from both sensors.

Electromagnetic Technology: An electromagnetic Touch Screen sends an electrical charge to a stylus, which transmits a signal to identify its location. The placement of the electromagnetic induction sensor under a liquid crystal screen helps to perform highly detailed operations.

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Our Touch Screen rentals include

  • Touch Screen LEDs
  • Multi-Touch Screens
  • Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Touch Screen Plasma
  • Touch Screen Monitors

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We provide customised Touch Screens for tradeshows, exhibitions, or conferences at a pocket-friendly budget for the convenience of our customers.

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