Touch Screens are great tools to maximize the impact of interactive digital signage for any business. These high qualities touch screens hardware and software packages are great for businesses looking for employee productivity, engage retail customers and entertain large audiences at events and trade shows.

How Touch Screens are great source of interaction?

  • Interactive touchscreens are great for product presentations, event registrations, student training and product demo.
  • These interactive screens help in more number of customer engagements in this time of digital innovation.
  •  These are compatible with any kind of operating system like IOS, OSX, Android, Windows or Linux. You can connect or interact through a touchscreen just like any other modern device.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

  • With touchscreens at events, customers can access the services available, play games and share their experiences instantly through social media platforms.
  • Full HD display touch interface with clear sound quality and their cost effective factor makes them a great option for event management.
  •  Installing them on movable floor stand makes it easy to tilt the screen right or left to adjust the correct angle for clear viewing.
  •  They hold compatible and advanced software with all the necessary applications to make any event a grand success.
  • Other platforms where Touch Screens can be used include marketing surveys, live polling, data collection and interactive learning.

Factors prompting for selecting best Touch Screen rentals in Dubai:

  •  Easy to Use: They are easy to install and can be easily operated with your fingertips.
  • Low Maintenance: They are low maintenance devices and hence can be engaged for events of any size.
  • Touch screens lasts for longer time as there are no external connectors which makes them maintenance free.
  • They are equipped with LED display which makes them energy efficient thus cutting on the power bills.

At Techno Edge Systems we deliver the latest technology Touch Screens to meet any requirement of the customer. We have a large inventory of all the brands of Touch Screens to supply for bulk or single orders.

We ensure in providing the perfect Touch Screen Rental Solution in Dubai to our clients. We support in installation as well as the monitoring of the device performance till the end of the event.

Our expert team helps in making your events the talk of the town by giving a guaranteed service of touch screen and the peripherals attached to it during the event.

Our professional team will setup specific apps or digital media files requested by the client for any event. If you need more information about our Touch Screen services contact us at

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