Touch Screens are Ubiquitous: The word, “Touch Screen” has become prominent distinctly in the last 15 years, approximately, during which, the usage in any Event, Conference, Seminar or Training Session has become mandatory, extremely!!

Touch screen rental in Dubai

Factors to be noted for Selecting Right Touch Screen:

  • The Intended Use: One needs to understand whether what is the type of Event for which the Touch Screen has to be used. The Technical Functionalities involved with the Screen varies in terms of Pricing, Durability, Functionality and Input Registration.
  • Figuring the Touch Features: If users need to select Single inputs with a single finger on the device, in such a case, a standard 4 wire Resistive Touchscreen could be an ideal option. The Simple construction is able to handle this without adding too much expenses. Contrarily, if the users need to scroll, activate or zoom the features with profuse Touch points, it would streamline the Selection down to the screens with a Multi Touch Functionality, which is present either in the Projected Capacitive or a Resistive Multi Touch Screen.
  • Activating the Touch Screen: Can a Glove, Pencil or Stylus used to touch the Screen? It is addressed as Activation type of the Touch Screen. As such, specific types of Touch Screens would be mandatory for those Input registrations. In a Capacitive Touch Screen, the sensitivity could be adjusted to register specific Styluses and Gloves and the object used, should be able to disrupt the Capacitive Field, while, a Resistive Touch Screen module is a more optimal choice, since it can register Inputs from any object.
  • Touch Screen ambience: Suppose the environment is very Harsh, such as, an Industrial ambience or else a Medical Setting, where, the Touch Screen can get exposed to Chemicals and Cleaning agents, the Projected Capacitive Touch Screens is the best choice because these Screens’ Registration ability to capture the Inputs would not be tampered. However, for a gentler ambience, the Resistive Screens might meet the Performance requirements, without extra costs.
  • Price Point: Resistive Touch Screens are cheaper, compared to PCAP Touch Screens.
  • Actuations: If it a 4 wire or a 8 wire Resistive Touch Screen, it could be optimal for a device, that has to be accurate for few Actuations. To the contrast, a 5 wire Touch Screen is a better choice if the device requires more Usage.

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