Advertising is evolving with the use of new technology devices that have a larger impact on the customers.

Innovation in the field of technology has led to the extensive use of LED video walls for a unique style of advertising.

LED video walls provide an attractive display of images at events and tradeshows. The life-size display of visuals, clarity of video, and audio integration help in instantly grabbing customer attention.

A video wall consists of many LED screens joined together to display a bigger image with clarity.


Video Wall Rental Dubai

Benefits of LED & Video wall rentals for events

  • Video walls are easy to install. They are available in sleek and classy designs with lightweight models. Mounting them and operating them is an easy task that any layman can do.
  • The video wall displays high resolution visuals that give clear and crisp images that act as an instant eye grabber for the onlookers.
  • Video walls installed in tradeshows and events increase the footfalls and help boost business prospects.
  • Music shows, award functions, weddings, birthday parties, and family get-together events come alive with a video wall installed at the venue. The guests attending the event feel more engaged and enthralled with the live display of the ongoing activities at the event.
  • Video walls are a great source of customer attraction during trade shows. The detailed display of products on the video wall placed in a stall makes the customer curious to know more. This increases the business potential and leads to increased sales.
  • Video walls provide the flexibility to operate from any place. It is possible to control the content displayed on a video wall through a mobile phone, laptop, or computer. The USB port option in-built in a video wall helps to display content without relying on an external device.
  • The content displayed on the screen can be changed dynamically based on a specific group of people visiting the place or any special occasion.

Buying a video wall is a costly affair for entrepreneurs. Video wall rentals from a reliable service provider are a better alternative to fulfil the needs.  

Techno Edge Systems LLC provides quality Video Wall Rental Dubai for exhibitions, expos, promotional events, music shows, concerts, and several other events.

Our team of experts ensures delivery, setup, and installation of the video wall at the preferred location.

We provide video walls of various sizes and resolutions to suit every customer requirement. Our Video wall rentals come in affordable packages.

We provide support and maintenance services for the video walls. We also supply the necessary accessories required along the video walls.

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