LED Video walls are the best in class smart signage solutions that enable businesses to deliver the message in an entertaining way.

LED Video wall are used extensively for advertisements, shopping malls, highways, outdoor events, indoor events, stadiums, corporate halls, hotels, and medical conferences.

LED Video walls are expensive devices to own. LED Video wall rental is a feasible option to avail the latest LED Video walls for organising events.

Choosing the latest LED Video wall needs to consider a few necessary aspects for achieving maximum efficiency.

LED Video Wall Rental Dubai

10 Key Elements To Consider Before Renting Video Wall:

  •         They should be easy to assemble and disassemble. It saves a lot of time and labour cost. They are slim, lightweight and easy to manage.
  •         With the flexible shape of LED Video walls, organizers are able to create creative set-ups tailored to specific events and can be flexible in a variety of applications.
  •         The image quality on a LED Video wall is of high precision. The robust and reliable frame design helps in the easy handling of the LED Video wall.
  •         The display resolution is high for LED video walls making them the most preferred devices for advertising, events, and exhibitions.
  •         LED Video walls are easy to operate by any person with basic device knowledge. They are user friendly and with less complexity.
  •         The LED video walls come with a high refresh rate and deliver high quality images with vivid colours.
  •         The LED video walls are perfect for watching images and videos from a distance. They provide a wide viewing angle and easily attract viewers.
  •         They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor display with high quality and a better viewing experience. Images displayed on the LCD video wall become blurred in sunlight, whereas the LED Video walls display a clear image in sunlight and flashlights.
  •         LED Video walls are compatible with various external devices like USB, mobile, laptop, or a PC. Data stored on these devices can be seamlessly displayed on the LED Video wall.
  •         Video Wall rentals provide the convenience of changing the content dynamically to suit the audience present at the location.

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