Touch screens offer a bigger and more impressive view for event attendees. They engage customers for a longer duration with an immersive display of images and videos.

Touch screens attract a larger crowd during events and keep them engaged throughout the event. The clear and crisp images keep the users stay glued to the screen and get attracted to the brand.

Touch screens have a hard durable surface and a thin plastic screen shield that make them less prone to screen damage than devices with keypads.

The easy touch functionality makes them suitable for professional events.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

Use of Touch Screens During Professional Events:

  • Touch screens provide detailed product information to customers during events like tradeshows and exhibitions. Customers can browse through the easy-to-use touch screen to find out more about the products.
  • Customers can avail hard copies of the product brochure through the print option available on the screen.
  • Touch screens replace the need for a dedicated resource for greeting customers and provide a summary of the services and products offered by the business.
  • During conventions, Touch screens are used to inform attendees about upcoming presentations.
  • Touch screens allow gathering visitor information during tradeshows and exhibitions that can be later used for promotional activities.
  • Touch screens are also used to register convention attendees for special presentations or seminars.
  • Touch screens are a great solution for advertising products. These screens are used for promotional purposes in busy shopping areas, retail outlets, and commercial places. They are an instant attraction for visitors leading to an increase in brand awareness.
  • Product presentations become lively with interactive touch screens. Clients and business owners have the opportunity to interact better through these touch screens.
  • They provide the ease of displaying content from various external storage devices.
  • Touch content used during presentations helps to provide an enhanced product display and boosts speaker engagement. Touch screens can be used to zoom in and zoom out of charts and graphs and move slides forward in an interesting way.
  • Using audience response software on Touch screens, attendees can follow along, take notes, respond to surveys and ask live questions.
  • Touch screens serve as self-service kiosks during events. Interactive galleries, documents, maps, and schedules can be displayed using touch screens.

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