Video Walls are one of the most Promising Vents which could be utilized in the Right direction: Video Walls have captured the world of Digital efficiency in terms of increased Visibility, enhanced Communication and improvised Connectivity.

Video wall Rental in Dubai

How and Where to Utilize Video Walls and Explore them more:

As aforementioned Video walls possess the potential to grab the attention of your audience and create a “Jaw Dropping” experience, which is the ultimatum towards your Business Success, but also, the Channelizing parameter for driving your Sales funnel!!

Then Why a Video Wall?

  • Smaller to the smallest Pixel Pitch resulting in the Highest Pixel Density and Resolution.
  • Durable and Weather proof nature.
  • Persistent Viewing angle.
  • Size varies from half a metre to 19 inches. Therefore, it can project the smallest to the largest images.
  • Can be customized in any Size and Location based on the customer’s choice.
  •  Energy saving, therefore, consumes less Electricity.
  • Immersive, Interactive and Impactful Display of Content.

How to utilize the Video Wall? : The complete Installation 

  • Decide to choose a LED or LCD.
  • Thinner are the Bezels, the better is the Video Wall.
  • Mounting is a crucial step, since it helps perfect Screen alignment.
  • Video Wall Hire Dubai Processor should have enough Inputs and Outputs to support the number of screens.
  • The Processor should be supportive of Live Feeds, HD Videos, Static text and interactive AR.
  •  Connecting the Video Wall Parts is a significant step through which, the cables can transmit data without a loss or lag.
  • The Wireless Mode should be able to transfer data smoothly.
  • The Content Management System should be able to schedule and update content instantly.

Where to utilize the Video Walls?

  • Audit: Enhances the Seamless connectivity of the Financial Transactions which have happened amongst all the attendees.
  • Trade Shows, Science and Sales Expos, Business Meetings, Conferences, Training Sessions and Seminars: The most common Event Platforms, where Video Walls could be utilized wisely by understanding the exact customized needs!!
  • Hospitality: This is a promising sector wherein, Video walls can uplift the Brand Image and create more awareness.
  • Aviation: Video Walls are for sure to add to the value of the specific Aviation Brand or Company.
  • Tourism:  Once again, Video walls create the Brand identity in this field.
  • Retail:  This has been a potential field which has and is utilizing the various uses of Video walls.

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