LED Video Walls are set up at exhibitions, expos, promotional events, music shows, concerts, and several other events for enhancing the event experience.

Video walls add a unique look to the event with their large screens and eye-catching content. The picture clarity and also the flexibility of displaying content remotely make it easy to use Video walls for most of the events.

Factors to consider before opting for LED Video wall rental:

  • Event type: The type of event and the content to be displayed play a vital role while opting for a video wall. A bigger screen is required for music shows and concerts whereas at expos and promotional events a smaller one will be enough to attract people and to convey the message.
  • Venue: The size of the video wall depends on whether it is an outdoor event or an indoor event. A small video wall is sufficient for a video conference conducted indoors, whereas a large screen is required for an outdoor event such as a music concert.
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  •   Time: If the requirement is for many days then a fixed LED Video wall is the best choice. For advertising, promotional events, and one-day events temporary LED Video walls will fulfil the requirement.
  • The brightness of the Video wall depends on the lighting in the location and the distance from which it is being viewed.
  • A LED Video wall with a flat screen or a curved screen can be selected based on the room size or the location and also the event type. The rear projection Video walls are ideal for smaller rooms and front projection walls are good for outdoor events.
  • The brightness and the screen resolution should also be considered before choosing a Video wall on rent. As the Video Walls are a combination of screens, the brightness and contrast should be adjusted to be uniform through all the screens.
  • The Video controller is the hardware used behind the screens to control the multi-display video walls. The effective use of the video controllers helps in managing a better display of information across screens.

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