LED Video Walls are the most versatile viewing screens that comprises several individual screens blended with each other to make a large screen.

Video Walls are an integral part of –

  •         Award functions
  •         Fashion shows
  •         Weddings
  •         Conferences
  •         Display ads
  •         Trade shows
  •         Exhibitions
  •         Shopping centers
  •         Advertising
  •         Festivals
  •         Marketing
  •         Public/private events
  •         Stadiums
  •         Launches of products, films, and other services
  •         Corporate and personal events

LED Video Walls are the preferred choice of corporate companies due to their low power consumption feature. They enhance the viewing experience at events with high-quality image displays.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Advantages of choosing the best Video Wall screens:

Location where the Video Wall is mounted: The size and screen resolution of the video wall depends on the placing of the Video Wall. For outdoor advertisements, a large video wall with high screen resolution gives a better viewing experience. For indoor events, a comparatively smaller video wall serves the purpose.

Purpose of a Video Wall: Choosing a video wall based on the type of event enhances the event organisation. LED video walls are a preferred choice for award functions, weddings, and fashion shows.

Content: Video walls provide the flexibility to display unique and dynamic content. The content can be developed and stored on a computer or a laptop. It is possible to change the content dynamically according to a specific audience group or an occasion.

  • Video wall rental is a viable option over buying one. Buying a video wall becomes a burden on the owner as it needs a lot of care and maintenance to store it safely. After one-time use, it becomes an unnecessary burden for the owner to store it and safeguard it from wear and tear.
  • Video wall rental gives the flexibility to the user to choose from a varied range of video wall screens. The video walls on rent can be returned to the service provider after use and so there is no fear of it occupying office space.
  •  The arrangement of the video wall setup is taken care of by the service provider for our convenience. Video wall rentals reduce the burden on the user in the event of a problem with it. The service provider takes care of the maintenance and repair of damaged parts of the video walls.

Techno Edge Systems LLC offers LED Video Wall Rental Dubai for various events, Trade Show, and Meetings. Our Video walls are customised according to the event type.

We have a whole team of highly qualified and trained professionals who deal with the installation and maintenance of video walls at various events.

We deliver the video walls to the preferred location on time for the smooth running of your event.

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