Touch screens are the latest technology used from large screens to hand-held mobile phones. The world is at the fingertips with a single swipe.

Touch screens have become an integral part of every modernised gadget we use. They offer the ease of operating any gadget with faster and helpful user-interface.

Touch screens are available in two types – Resistive and Capacitive. All forms of touch screen technology are after one goal – to send precise electrical signals from specific locations on the screen.

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How do Touch Screens Work?

Touch screens are equipped with sensors that can detect touch. They operate as a switch when touched.

Touch sensors work similar to a switch. When they are subjected to touch, pressure or force they get activated and act as a closed switch. When the pressure or contact is removed they act as an open switch.

Resistive sensors work on the pressure applied on a particular surface. These touch screens are made up of two separate layers. The first layer is made up of transparent material like polyethylene. It has to be a flexible hard-coated outer membrane. The bottom layer is made from something rigid – like a sheet of glass. Resistive touch screens are affordable and durable and are mostly used for machines like credit card readers.

Capacitive touchscreens are used for smartphones. There are different types of capacitive touch screens, but the common thing among all of them is that a sheet of glass containing a grid of line thinner than hair is used as a sensor. These lines are made of a conductive metal. Driving lines provide a constant electric current and sensing lines detect the electric current. When driving lines and sensing lines cross, an electrostatic field is registered as neutral by the processor in the smartphone or computer. This state changes when the screen comes into contact with something conductive – like a finger. Even small changes can be detected by the processor and it can interpret whether the finger tapped the screen or did a slide.

What type of sensors are used for Touch technology?

The various types of sensors available in the market include TTP22301, TTP229, etc.

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