Touch Screens drive powerful, engaging, face-to-face experiences through interactive displays and designs.

Touch screens provide a unique brand image at events. The interactive rich media content makes a lasting impression on audiences and instantly attracts them towards the brand.

Touch Screens have become common during events. Trade Shows, product launch events, award functions, weddings, exhibitions, and audio release functions are few events where the presence of a Touch Screen has become imperative.

Business meetings become more productive and interactive with the use of Touch Screens.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

Use Touch Screens for more efficiency during events and meetings:

Display product details: Touch Screen kiosks placed in a trade booth provides a convenient way to display the various products and services a brand has to offer. Visitors can look at the finer details of the product and have a clear image of the various specifications of the product.

Superior audio and video: Touch Screens have LED screens with high resolution and attractive display. The audio helps in communicating the message clearly to the audience. In business meetings, Touch Screens are a great way for guests to interact easily and exchange information through the internet with ease.

Saves paper: Touch Screen rentals help save a lot of paper and are thus environmentally friendly. Brochures, pamphlets, business documentation, and advertising flyers can all be displayed on a Touch Screen. Touch Screens provide a tech-savvy look during events and help to attract more visitors to the trade booth.

Ease of connectivity: Touch Screens facilitate the convenience of connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi, content can be displayed from an external storage device, laptop, computer, or mobile. Word documents, spreadsheets, or a PPT presentation can all be displayed with ease on a Touch Screen.

Cost-effective: Touch Screen rentals save time as well as the need to engage a resource at the trade booth to explain the various services and products in detail. Visitors can browse through the various products and submit their feedback instantly via social media apps.

Lead generation: The data collected from the visitors while they browse the product catalogue, can be used for business promotion. The Touch Screens help in increasing sales by acting as a lead generation tool.

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