A LED video wall is a large screen with multiple displays. LED video walls are perfect for events, tradeshows, exhibitions, and advertising.

Business owners gain significantly by the use of LED video walls. The highly immersive images on the large screen make a perfect choice for attracting customers to the brand.

The latest models of LED video walls have a ‘dead pixel space’ between the various screens. Today’s video wall solutions are using tiled LCD panels, rear-projection cubes, or direct LED tiles.

LED Video walls are available in various sizes, with a screen diameter of 42” to 80”. The screen size depends on the type of event, the distance of viewing, audience size, and venue.

Video walls are used in control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage, and other demanding environments.

Video walls offer multiple benefits for business owners by enhancing the viewing experience and sending an impactful message to the customers.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Benefits of Video Wall Rentals for Business:

Video walls allow you to create eye-catching content that attracts viewers’ attention in busy areas. It is a perfect solution for retail stores that need to engage their customers.

Video walls consist of a tiled array of displays, the total resolution of the display surface increases with each display added to the array. Video walls offer a higher resolution than a single projector. Video walls are much more scalable than projectors without changing the image quality.

The images and videos displayed on the video wall are processed through an external video wall processor. The external processor or controller has more powerful processing hardware when compared to those built into the individual displays.

LED video walls offer better contrast ratios than a projector. It makes them an ideal solution for environments with windows or overhead lighting. The display technology used in LCD and LED video walls are less susceptible to being ‘washed out’ by ambient light.

Video walls need minimal maintenance making them the perfect choice for advertising and trade booth displays. They are designed for maximum reliability and uptime. They require less maintenance over the years of operation.

LED video walls allow dynamic content display for instant attraction. Advertising campaigns designed for a specific time of the day, or a specific occasion can be dynamically displayed on the video wall to promote brand awareness. The video controller is used to display the content on the complete screen as a whole or a single individual screen for making it more effective.

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