Video walls consist of several smaller screens joined together to form one big screen.

They are mostly preferred for advertising purposes. The large screens display vivid colours and attractive images which play a major role in creating a lasting impact on the potential customers.

The thin, flat, super bright displays are becoming the most popular choice as a marketing strategy.

They save a considerable amount on the electricity bill due to their low power consumption feature. They enhance the viewing experience at events with high-quality image displays.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Necessity of a Video Wall Rental for Marketing:

Video wall rental is a better option than buying one. Buying a video wall restricts the user to one single model and use it for various purposes which is not a wise decision.

Video wall rental provides the flexibility to choose from a wide range of choices and select the best one that meets the event purpose.

Video wall rental offers the users to choose flexible rental packages without investing money outright.

In comparison to static hoardings and billboards, video walls offer multiple functions.

The content displayed on the screen can be customised and changed dynamically according to the specific audience present at the location.

Video walls serve as booth backdrops, presentations, or information hubs to increase the footfalls of the prospective customers.

The content displayed on the screen can be streamed from any external storage device like a USB, hard disk, laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

Businesses can display the latest product with finer details to attract the crowd and compel them into buying the product.

Video walls are used outside restaurants to display the menu and offers available at the place. They help to display coupons to attract customers and increase footfalls.

Video walls form an integral part of marketing strategy. They allow businesses to reach out to maximum people and increase the business prospects.

Video walls are available with Touch Screen functionality. The touch functionality helps users to browse the various products directly and interact with the onscreen information.

Video wall rentals are a better option over buying as they provide complete support and maintenance by the rental provider. The rental provider assists with the setup and ensures the proper operation of the video walls.

Techno Edge Systems LLC provides the latest model Video Wall Rental Dubai for marketing purposes.

Our well-maintained video walls are available at an affordable cost and flexible rental packages for the convenience of our customers.

Our technicians assist in the installation and setup of the video walls.

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