LED video walls are the most trending technology in the world of advertising and event management. They create an interesting aesthetic to the area they are placed in.

LED video walls display vivid colours and highly attractive images that help in keeping the audience engaged.

LED video walls are best suited for marketing, communication, or trying to distinguish from the competition. LED video walls are considered an effective medium of display as they utilize a combination of audio, text, and targeted visuals. LED video walls can deliver lifelike HD images and videos, 3D and 4D graphics, motion graphics, and more.

LED walls can be customised to display content as one oversized visual or a variety of smaller visuals. They are also compatible with various external devices that helps event organisers and advertising agencies to display content stored on these devices.

LED video walls support dynamic display of content. While displaying content it is necessary to check the clarity, size, scale for effective messaging on these LED wall solutions.

Video Wall Rental in Dubai

Why are People Opting for LED Video Wall Rentals?

Trade show displays: LED video wall rentals are the perfect choice for trade show booths. The rental provider is well-equipped in fitting booths with powerful displays, and has been creating video walls for trade shows, conventions, and large scale events. This includes setup, takedown, teaching users to use intuitive technology, and even a virtual rendering of what the visuals will look like ahead of time.

Performances: LED video walls are useful tools for indoor and outdoor performances. It includes concerts, music festivals, plays, musicals, magic shows, and even comedy shows.

Large scale marketing: LED video wall rentals allows to rent screens of any size from oversized posters to billboards, or mega displays. Large scale marketing involves placing the LED screens on main streets and highways. Ads displayed on these screens can be displayed with accordance of the audience taste and the occasion. Different ads can be displayed for weekends, evenings, rush hour or the holiday season to attract a larger audience.

LED video walls rentals can be availed for long term and short term advertising needs.

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We cater to short term and long term video wall rentals for companies across Dubai. Our expert technicians help in the assembling and disassembling of the video wall at the venue and ensure their proper functioning.

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