LED video walls are useful tools to display engaging content during concerts, galas, marathons, and even movie nights. They provide a wide range of utility during events and tradeshows.

Video walls add value to the aesthetics of a place with their clear images and vivid colours.

LED video walls allow businesses to use innovative solutions for connecting with the audience. They are an eye-catching and unique messaging technology used for instantly attracting the audience.

LED Video Wall Rental Dubai

Tips to Maximize LED Wall Rental:

  1. Pixel pitch: It is the distance between two pixels from each other. The resolution of a LED video wall is higher when the pixel pitch is smaller. Higher resolution allows for better viewing and better clarity of the images. High-quality LED screen can be watched with less viewing distance whereas a low-quality LED screen needs the user to view the screen from a farther distance to get clarity.
  2. Size: Choosing a LED wall according to the type of the event is crucial for maximizing its utility. The resolution and overall quality of the screen is determined by the right size of the screen. While organising an event with LED wall as the focal point, choosing a bigger LED is a better choice.
  3. Event type: LED wall should be selected based on the event type. A bigger LED wall is required for outdoor advertising and promotions. For tradeshows, business conferences a smaller LED wall serve the purpose.
  4. Location: The most important aspect while choosing an LED video wall is the location where it is placed. Events organised for large audience in open field need a large sized LED wall. For indoor events, a smaller LED wall with flexible setup is an apt decision.
  5. Withstand any weather: The LED video wall should be capable to withstand any weather condition. Heat and rain may affect the functioning of the LED wall especially while organising outdoor events. Outdoor events require extra planning and investment, and so it is necessary to choose the right LED wall.
  6. Content: The content displayed on the LED wall should be clear and readable. An LED wall is used right when it delivers its messages clearly. Always test readability on your setup before the event.
  7. Cost: It is necessary to choose the LED wall that best fits into the budget allocated for an event.
  8. Flexibility: The LED wall rental company should provide the flexibility to extend
  9. Installation: A reliable LED wall rental company handles the installation and tear-down process of the LED wall for an event.
  10. Service: The LED wall rental company has expert technicians who can handle any issue related to the LED wall. They provide timely support and maintenance service.

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