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Observing the trend, ideas take shape. The current trend demands us to stay updated with the technology. After a deep reflection, we at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C . have arrived at the conclusion that while the technology is prone to rapid change, the companies inevitably need to adopt the latest technology for its success. Putting the two facts together, we have decided to offer tangible IT Solutions to the organizations in an effort to meet their IT requirements. As a part of it, we offer latest electronic devices for rent to keep them in tandem with the advancing technology.

Use of Projectors

Projectors are the key devices that are in huge demand essentially in the organizations, schools, businesses, social functions etc. They are simply indispensable in the environments like conference rooms, tradeshows, and classrooms not to forget their use in homes as home theaters, backyards when a larger group of audience is targeted. The projectors while vary in the size and capabilities are available in form of hand-held devices to highly capable powerhouses.

Techno Edge Systems Offers Advanced Technology Projector Rental in Dubai

The use of projectors dictates the choice of right technology. We at Techno Edge Systems offer the projector rental in all three technologies available. However, based on the audience size and the environment, the ideal projectors can be chosen.

DLP projectors: This technology projector is best suited for a smaller group of audience, however, is touted for its low-maintenance as it restricts the formation of dust on the chip, leaving no room for forming an image spot on the screen.

LCD projectors: Ideal for larger rooms or home-cinemas as this technology requires greater projection distance from the screen.

LED projectors:These have quite long life, which encourages even 2000 hours of use, energy efficient and does not require warm-up or cooling down time.

While the technology used forms the basis for choosing the projector for your requirement, there are many other aspects to consider, like the lamp life, aspect ratio contrast ratio, screen door effect, and letterboxing which need to be considered while making a choice. However, our well-informed team at Techno Edge Systems are quite happy to help you out to make an educated choice.

We offer various kinds of Projector Rentals in Dubai

  • Pico Projectors - Compact enough to fit your palm, suitcase or handbag. Meant for small rooms, movie nights, and quick business presentations.

  • Business Projectors – Portable, bright display, and easy to adjust, are meant for business presentations, conferences etc.

  • Home Theatre Projectors – Mostly HD Projectors, which enable you to watch movies, sports, video games on the larger screen.

Why Choose Techno Edge Systems for Projector Rental in Dubai?

While we offer a wide pool of projector rentals to meet any kind of requirement, the key is in the pricing and the quality of the projectors we supply. Not only we advise you on the ideal projector for your use, we suggest you a projector that best fits your budget.

Happy Screening!

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