Printer Rental proves as a benchmark in easing out the printer bottlenecks

  • Are you the one who is using an old printer which has been proven to be inefficient as it is not able to leverage the best output volume as expected?
  • Are you the one, who is predominantly looking out for printing solutions, but getting dismayed of the impending cost that printer brings with it?

If the above-mentioned problems worries you quite often, then, in that case, we as Techno Edge Systems are the one-stop solutions for all kinds of printers on rent, we offer a plethora of services from our end which would in-fact ease out your potential, worries with reference to the printers.


As part of the hiring options for printers are concerned following are the benefits that we offer to the esteemed customers;

  • When you take the printer on rental services from us, you can rest assured of having the most cost effective solution which incorporates the latest technology in the market with reference to your printers. On par with the printer rental option, you can have a leverage upon the latest printer which could incorporate the multifunctional capabilities such as the scanner, fax machine, PDF writer, document manager, photocopier and of course the printer all inclusive in one printer which is being rented out.
  • The most important component with reference to the printer is the cartridge, as we rent out the printers we also take care of the cartridge as a part of the rental contract with you.
  • Printers could significantly add to the incurring expenditure on the paper’s that are being fed in, in the event when the printers are being leased out to us, there would be a significant reduction in the expenditure.
  • On a corporate level, printer on rent can prove to be efficient cost-cutting methods on the capital expenses.

Techno Edge Systems have carved a unique niche in the market today as being one of the most preferred vendors for Printer rental in Dubai, UAE as we accommodate the vast array of advanced printers which would be available for lease with us.

The printer rental option would also bring about the technical support along with the renting options

The most cumbersome component for any organization, in general, is the technical glitch that they keep having with printers. This bottleneck significantly increases when the printer is subjected to heavy volume printing, which is well beyond the normal printing needs.

These situations could lead to havoc if not taken care of it immediately, towards this Techno Edge Systems have always understood the plight of the customer with reference to their printer usages and render the timely technical support to the printers and resolve the technical issues at the earliest so that the daily operations go seamlessly.

We take a pride in having the in-house technical experts who bring about decades of expertise in dealing with multitudes of printers which comes in the market. Our engineers have resolved the technical glitch if any at the client side or if the problem is a bigger one, they would bring the printer to the service station and resolve the problems within the less turnaround time (TAT)

In the event that you are having a printer which gives you the possible bottlenecks, please approach us for the same as we bring about an excellent rental option for the printers and troubleshoot the printer problems at the earliest. Please call us on the +971555279076. We would really appreciate if you could have a glance at our official website at for more comprehensive information in reference to printers.

Printer Rental has always been a viable option for entrepreneurs

In today’s scenario, the most important asset for any business to flourish well is to possess the required assets with them, which would possibly ease out certain bottlenecks in the day-to-day work schedules and one such asset is to have a printer rental in place.

Each and every employee in an organization would require a printer to have their jobs done through them and it is this asset in them that enables them to excel in their respective project be it project presentation, software documentations etc.

As a matter of fact, in a large organization, possessing a basic printer would always lead to a certain bottleneck as they do not have the capacity in them to handle the multiple workloads which do happen in an organization.

Budget constraints in the procurement of permanent printers

Further, it also needs to be considered that most organizations do not have the sufficient budgets in place to procure a permanent printers for their sustained use, since the printers do come with huge price tag and also could possibly accommodate the maintenance of printers which could also possibly build up the cost towards maintenance, when used for a prolonged time period.

Printer Rental

Printer on Rent remains a sustainable option for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s)

Under these situations, the only options to be executed would be having a printer on a rent or lease on their premises. Printer rental would always incorporate the latest technology with them, which could benefit the company for a long period under the rental scheme. Further, these companies would be completely relying on the printer rental service providers, who deliver the printers for rent and also could efficiently carry out their maintenance as well. Techno Edge Systems have always in been forefront in rendering their support towards printer rental in Dubai, UAE.

In fact, printer rental would always be a boon for companies since they are able to leverage upon the latest printers which are available in the market and so possessing a permanent laptop would always not be a viable option for the companies.

Technical Support rendered by a printer rental company in Dubai, UAE

We at Techno Edge Systems, with decades of experience of a vast array of printers, have always been spearheading in delivering the most advanced printers in Dubai, UAE and are able to render the printer rental in Dubai. 

Techno Edge Systems has an in-house technical team in place, our technical team comprises of technical experts who specifically troubleshoot vast array of printers both at the client location and at the service station. Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) has always been towards resolving any technical issue within a stipulated time period.

As a business entrepreneur, if you are looking forward to a printer to on rent option, do revert back to us or call us at +971555279076. We would really appreciate if you could have a glance at our official website at for more comprehensive information in reference to printers.

Printer Rentals for Varied Use

Printer Rental Dubai

Choosing the right kind of printer for different use can be overwhelming at times…

Who wouldn’t want to bring versatility to our home or business? Don’t we want to have all the right products for getting the things done precisely according to our taste? Read on to know more about printers.

Printers are one of the most important devices without which, getting by with the day-to-day activities is difficult. If you are the one with the photographic interests for instance, then to have those vibrant photos of wildlife or nature or of human beings, not to mention your own personal photos printed, you would need a printer. In either case, choosing the right printer for a diverse use is the key.

First off, one should differentiate the use. For example, an inkjet printer is ideal for producing those vivacious colors in a photograph, while the laser printers are perfect for multitasking like printing loads of documents etc.

Identify which category you fall into…

Home Use:

A home user has some pretty odd tasks like printing a document, at times a photograph or medical files to print. For normal day –to-day activities a normal inkjet printer would suffice.


The project works, thesis or you name it, this category of users have a lot to do with the printers. Moreover, the students have the time crunch as well, for which the laser printers are the most feasible option.


Hands down their requirement would be an inkjet printer or as an alternative, you can consider a multitasking multi-functional printer.

Small Business:

For a small business, the ideal printer would be the multi-functional printer, which tends to do all the jobs required for a business, but in moderation.


Workgroup laser printers or the production laser printers would be the best bet for this category.

Types of Printers

Inkjet Printers:

Inkjet printers have been around for almost 10 years now. The technology behind the inkjet printer is that it sprays ink onto the paper. It is ideal for photographic prints, who want high-quality prints or home users or small business as the ink cartridges and the material required for printing can be quite expensive.

Laser Printers:

The laser printers go back to a long time to 1975 when it was first introduced by IBM. These printers are capable of producing sharp prints with high speed. However, color laser printers are a tad expensive for the small business or home use unless there is a pressing need for laser printers. Nevertheless, in a long run, laser printers are less expensive to maintain as the ink need not be replenished quite often, due to laser technology. Moreover, the inkjet printers, which tend to smear at times right after use, the laser printers do not. A personal laser printer can print up to 8 pages per minute. However, a work group printer can print 24 pages per minute, while on the other hand, a production printer which is quite a bit expensive can print up to 700 pages per minute.

Multi-functional Printers:

They are kind of printers with all-in-one functionality; they tend to work as a printer, copier, and scanner with an occasional addition of fax capabilities as well. They can be used for laser printing for speedy texts as well as an occasional use as an inkjet printer as well for quality prints.

Solid ink Printers:

These printers had their time before the laser printers started evolving. The quality is almost as good as the laser printers, however, quality wise fall short when compared to the inkjet printers.

We Laptop Rental UAE mare stalwarts for printer rentals in Dubai. While it could be mind boggling to choose a right printer for hire for a different use, our technicians here can help you out with the options that best suit you and help you stick to your budget at the same time. Come and explore the world of printers and make your pick from the best available choices of printers with us.Just Reach us +971 55 527 9076 and visit

Projector Rentals for an out and out Movie Night

Projector Rental Dubai
Summer is the occasion when children gear up for the vacation time. And it is around this time of the year that the adults and the children alike would want to watch their favorite flicks at leisure. There was a time when people used to hire the Video players for short-term use and watch the movies. It is most certainly nostalgic to go back to the childhood and rake up the memories and there is nothing unusual about wanting the same memories for our kids too. However, with the changing times, we too change and instead of video players we can go for projector hire and watch movies on the larger screens to get that real movie effect.

Choosing the right projector for a movie night is very important as you wouldn’t want to disappoint the audience who are invited to watch the movie. If you are the one hosting a movie night then you have to keep certain points in mind as you would naturally want your guests to have that never to leave an indelible impression in their minds forever. The ideal choice would be the home theater projector rentals (we are saying rentals here because you most certainly wouldn’t want to buy a projector for a one to two-time use during the year). Home Theater projector is perfect for a movie night as it tends to create that dark ambiance required to view a movie. Moreover, it is best for the surroundings where you can control the light that enters or leaves the room. The home theaters that are 1000 lumens should be sufficient for a movie night.

Home theaters tend to improve the image quality and offer high contrast ratio, making it an ultimate choice for

• Movie Nights
• Sports
• 3D Movies
• Games

The home theater projector is perfect for viewing on large screens with much less background noise making it the unprecedented choice for a movie night. When you have identified the right projector for your movie night, you might as well choose the right projector screen to amplify the effect. The projector might as well project the image on the wall of the room, but in order to have the best results, it is recommended to go for the projector screen rentals as well. You will have to choose the screen to match the aspect ratio of the projector. For example the projector with the aspect ratio of 4:3 is likely to produce a square-shaped image while with the 16:9 aspect ratio; it produces a rectangular shaped image.

Now that you have the projector and the screen sorted out, now you will have to take care of the sound aspect. The projectors usually have the inbuilt speakers; however, they can be of much use if the movie night is an indoor one. For outdoor movie nights, the right answer would be to go for speaker rentals as they would produce just the right amount of sound to be heard by everyone.

We at Laptop Rental UAE, see to it that our customers are happy with our services as our talented team of professionals make doubly sure that all the installations are done according to the taste of our customer right from start through the finish. The projector setup is not a task taken too lightly as there are many things that can go wrong, however, we take care of it with our capable hands never giving you a reason to us at +971 55 5279076 Email us at [email protected]

What to look for in a 3D Hologram Projector?

Projector Rentals Dubai

The future is now and the new Hologram Projector imaging technology proves the point. It is an exceptional breakthrough in the imaging technology and a potent alternative for the conventional image projection technique. The holographic projectors manipulate the photons to create a realistic virtual image.

With entertainment technology constantly improving, the manufacturers are always competing to give the customers the ultimate view. The Hologram Projector is the latest development which appears right out of a science-fiction movie, and it is available on the market today. There are mainly two kinds of 3D holographic projectors. One is Holocinema static holographic projector and the other is Musion Eyeliner holographic projecting system.

Using a 3D Hologram Projector can be a very different experience. A 3D projector will give varied size images. It may vary from 50cmsq to 2000msq. Thus, it gives you the freedom for customizing your image size within the range. You can create virtual humans, houses, cars, landscapes and any other animation.

3D Hologram Projectors images are recorded in HDTV. It is then broadcast on the HDTV projection system. An HDTV projection system can run by hard disc player or video camera players. They are then projected on a three-dimensional stage set up as a two-dimensional image.

A video projector, a hard disk player with graphic card set, lighting and audio controller, a show controller and a foil are often a part of the holographic projector package. The accessories may vary according to price range and need of customers.

One may find it confusing and difficult to choose and purchase a 3D holographic projector because of the performance characteristics and the highly technical information about the machinery. So when it comes to choosing a holographic projector, one should be prepared with a thorough planning to avoid being confused while buying such an exclusive gadget.

Budget – One should decide their budget before going out, looking for a projector. Have your budget fixed will help you narrow down your choices.

Size – Choose the size of the projector you need and get a clear idea of the features it comes with.

Performance – Select a project with high performance and better color saturation.

With a little preparation and the right choice, one can buy the perfect 3D holographic projector that suits their need and enjoy the beauty of modern technology. Call: +971 55 527 9076 visit us

Guide to choose an Ideal Projector for your need

Projector Rental Dubai

Picking out good quality products is a taste that is acquired over a period of time…

Always test the waters before you get into something. The same stands true while choosing the right projector. The reason for hiring a projector could be many. It could be a

• Corporate event
• Social gathering
• Sports event
• Training
• Launches
• Watching movies
• classrooms

But identifying the right projector to suit your needs is of utmost importance. Depending on the requirement you need to choose the best-suited projector. This brings up the question basically what is a projector? A projector is an instrument that accepts the signal and converts light and that image is projected on a flat surface. Projectors are categorized into different kinds based on the light it outputs. The brighter the projector is, the high is the ANSI lumen rating.

How to choose a right projector?

• If the room is bright, then brighter you need the projector as well.
• If the screen size is huge, then the brightness level of the projector also should be more.
• Presentations need brighter projectors
• Movies and videos need lower brightness as they will be displayed in darker surroundings

Types of Projectors

We can broadly classify the projectors into three kinds based on the size- the portable, standard and the theater models. Based on the room size the projector model needs to be identified.

Portable projectors are the ones as the name suggests ideal for traveling purposes as they might weigh as low as 3 lbs. They are ideal for classrooms and meeting rooms.

Standard projectors are ideal for office purposes and ideal for an audience size of 50 people.

Theatre model projector as the name suggests ideal for movies and when a larger audience is targeted.

LCD, LED and DLP Technology

Based on the technology used in the projectors they can be classified into two types, transmissive or reflective.

LCD model projector allows the light passed through the LCD panels without bouncing them back, hence it follows the transmissive technology. LCD projectors are more established than the film projectors and are less expensive, however high maintenance can be expected as the dust particles interfere with the image quality.

The DLP model projector, on the other hand, has mirrors bouncing back the light, hence the technology used here is reflective. The biggest advantage of DLP projector is the low maintenance as dust particles cannot settle down on the chip.

LED model projector is named after the light source and not on the type of technology used behind the projector model. The best advantage of the LED model projector is its longevity. The LED lamps and the projector offer a life up to 10000-20000 hours against the standard 1000 to 5000hrs.

Event Size

Another important aspect that needs to be covered before identifying the right projector is the size of the event, whether it is a larger audience that we are targeting or smaller group.


Unlike all the other factors, the budget is one of the most deciding factors that can help you zero down your choice based on the other requirements. Setting up a budget can simplify the matter of choosing the right projector by cutting down on the ones outside your budget and showing the options that are only meant for you.


While selecting the right projector is a big deal, what follows next is also something that needs to be anticipated as setting up the projector is not a child’s play. For this, a well-established projector rental company has to be identified where the team of experts will help you in easy installation of the projectors especially when it is a larger event at hand.Reach us +971555279076 & visit us