Printers has been a new age dynamics to the digital technology space

In today’s persistently evolving digital technology space; the file and print services have hence become the most coveted component for any organization to define the success stories.

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The backdrop of the technology has seen a massive transformation towards the growth of new computers which gets its ideal fitment either into a single cubicle or getting blended with a series of systems which ultimately gets connected to an array of thousands of systems.

These network connections constantly aim for the printers to print. In this particular bargain, the Rent  Printer has surfaced itself as an alternative and the most tangible way to ease out the computational excellence when it comes to the hand-outs which fulfills the immediate requirement of the user.

In the recent times the print and the subsequent printer remains more and more critical to an organization as the network spans floors and buildings and with a new entrant of mobile users in the horizon. The printers have constantly evolved as an effective and instrumental tool to obstinately reach out to the print requests being raised by the users across the networks.

Shared printer in a networked infrastructure brings new dimensions

Shared printer is an attribute for printers which essentially become a bandwagon in itself towards sharing the print requisitions for numerous users in the network. In simpler terms, the printer sharing is a process which gives an access to multiple users to use the printers for their specific accomplishments for hand-outs.

The networks has constantly emerged in the recent times, as each node can be connected to the network printer and thereby can remotely make changes to the printer settings, but again the changes to the printer settings predominantly depends upon the pre-requisite permissions as set by the administrator in specific for the individual user.

Networked printers have become a yardstick to save cost

In today’s network era, the network printers or the managed printer services have significantly become the yardstick to predominantly save the cost to procure individual printers for each and every node, further one need not worry too hard for the printer paper for the individual ones.

Many businesses and organizations often and seldom realize the potential benefits that a network printer could render upon with reference to the printing. In fact, one need not worry about the size of the organization and the increased users in the network. The managed print services have always proven to be a stupendous way to bring about print efficiency.

With the growing technological trend, the printers have also evolved matching to the trend and have been benefiting the users in the long run. Techno Edge Systems have been the players in the market dealing exclusively in printer and printer based services onto the networked platform. Please approach us at Techno Edge Systems if you are looking at certain specific printers for higher scalability. Please call us at +971-55-5279076 and visit us at

The Anatomy of Printer Rental becomes an ardent parameter for corporate

In the recent years, printers have become the indispensable masterpieces which have completely transformed itself as a multi-faceted device and are specifically designed to take up the volume based prints from the multiple workstations being connected to a local area network (LAN) of an enterprise organization.

Gone are the days, where printers were completely confined to a local system where the user expects to take up one or two prints, these days the printers are specifically designed to take up multiple tasks in one single unit such as the printing, copying, fax, Xerox to name a few.

Printer Rental Dubai

As an analogy, one also needs to understand that if any enterprise organization who are looking forward to a multi-functional printer to suffice the multiple requirements of users, they have to opt in for a higher range of multi-faceted printers in place which often comes with an expensive price tag and sometimes these companies become so vulnerable to have this higher range of printers at their premises. However, with the printer rental Dubai, these vulnerabilities seizes as they can get to use the latest and the higher variants of printers

Copier Architecture

In fact, the Copier rental can be categorized based on their buffer compatibility; the printers which are designed to sustain buffer storage are ideally suitable for printing volume based prints when subjected to a network and impeccably accomplish the print requests that it receives from multiple workstations.

Copier rental

The multifunctional printers do come with more buffer storage space and have been able to handle more print requests from multiple workstations and apart from that these printers can also equally handle the other tasks such as the copier, Xerox and faxing with this buffer quota.

Printers on the network

In fact, in today’s times, this range of multi-functional printers becomes an asset for a large organization for their cumbersome accomplishments. Printers when connected on the network transform itself as being one of the versatile devices that it takes up significantly more requisitions and thereby supports the multiple users towards sending out requests remotely. As mentioned above, since network printers hold buffer storage in them.

Anecdote:  As an analogy, one can understand that this buffer storage can be referred to as the random access memory (RAM) or the hard disk drive.

Techno Edge Systems have been pioneering itself in the market today with reference to bringing about the latest and the high configuration printers which serve the purpose of the organization towards multiple tasks and have been quite successful in this endeavor.

In the event that you require printers for your enterprise organization and you are probably looking forward to a higher range printers which could serve the purpose of multiple users for their varied uses please approach us at Techno Edge Systems and call us at +971-55-5279076 so that our technical team dealing with printers could approach you for the same. In the meantime, please visit our official website at for more information.


Rent printer has been the strategic option for entrepreneurs

In the recent years, printers have persistently evolved with the technologically evolved market and have hence come into the market with advanced features embedded in it, which could facilitate the seamless operational needs of an organization, but on the contrary, printers do come with an expensive price tag which becomes a bottleneck for certain organizations. Added to this, with ever-changing technology, there are likely chances that the printer could become obsolete in a very short span of time.

Apart from the procuring cost of the printer, there are certain impending expenses such as the maintenance cost which becomes utmost necessary to sustain the good health of the printer in order to leverage the prolonged use. On the other hand, the impending expense that comes with the printer is the recurring maintenance cost which becomes absolutely necessary for the good health of the printer for a prolonged period of time.

Rent printer option has always been a viable choice for many entrepreneurs to avoid certain cumbersome budget allocations for an advanced multifunctional printer which could accommodate both the printing and the copier functionalities in one unit.

Above all, with the emergence of rent printer options in hand, the capability towards the use of toner/cartridge and the re-filing of the same can be efficiently managed by the renting company recurrently.

Rent Printer

Techno Edge System’s take on the rent printer mandates from umpteen entrepreneurs

Techno Edge Systems have been persisting on a threshold with reference to assisting the umpteen numbers of entrepreneurs in the landscape towards their printer mandates.

Exclusive collection of high configuration, printers at the digital store

We boast ourselves of rendering the complete printing solutions to the esteemed customers as we have the exclusive collection of high configuration, printers at our digital store and with our rent printer option it brings about the best return on investment (ROI) for the customers.

Customized printers in the store

Techno Edge Systems have always been having its unique pride in having some of the customized variants of printers in the store and we have ensured that certain specific mandates are being adhered to when it comes to fulfilling the mandates of the customers with reference to printers in specific.

Our modus operandi at Techno Edge

We are being considered as one of the pioneers in rent printers to the esteemed customers and as a part of our initiatives we constantly ensure the proper monitoring of our printers at the client locations and further foresee that there are no major bottlenecks which arise from the printer which could be a sort of hindrance to the operational process.

In the event that you are keenly looking at rent printer options for your organization, please do not hesitate to approach us at Techno Edge Systems, please call us at +971555279076, so that we could bring about the finest printers which could seamlessly accommodate to your operational requirements in your organization. Please visit our official website at for more comprehensive information.

Multi functional Printers become the versatile masterpiece for corporate

In the recent years, with the innovation of technology and with the emergence of a digital world, there has been huge innovations happening to the printers across the varied corporate landscape. With the advent of multifunctional printers, it has become almost very indistinguishable to really demarcate between the printer and the photocopier to be functioning under one equipment as a whole.

Gone are the days, when could you only get satisfied with the printer or the copier alone now with the multi-functionalities it has indeed become blessings in disguise for most corporates today.

Techno Edge Systems have always been spearheaded itself persistently in bringing about the higher configuration printer and photocopier to their inventory so that it can be rented out to the corporate.

Photocopier RentalThe efficacy of the Printer Rental Dubai: We have been the preferred vendor in the market for the high variants of printer rental in Dubai, which can be put to use as a complete network printer through which the printer can get the bandwidth of supporting volume prints for one entire floor.

The efficacy of the copier rental Dubai: The efficacy of the copier rental has always been towards bringing about the best functionality of printing, scanning, fax to name a few.

The emergence of both printer and copier has brought in the excellent financial benefit for organizations

In today’s trend, many corporate prefer to have the multifunctionality in a device so that it could benefit the entire computational needs of the floor. Apart from these if these devices are put on the company’s network resources it would scale up better and would seamlessly perform several functions such as the print, scan, copy, and fax. In fact, going further these multifunctionality printers cum copier would even create PDF documents from an already scanned document.

Printer rental in Dubai

The rental variant of these multifunctional printers could be the determining factor to save about on the expensive printers.

Needless to mention that, with the emergence of technology, these multifunctional printers do come with an expensive price tag. Techno Edge Systems have always offered these printers on an affordable budget to the customers thereby saving them from a huge budget.

The rental variants of printers do come with the technical support

Technical support becomes the most important component as these are very crucial for the printers to perform at their optimum when it is subjected to the good maintenance of the same. Techno Edge Systems under the annual maintenance contract (AMC) very well take care of printers and ensures the long life of these printers at the client end.

In the event that you are looking forward to a multifunctional printer for your premises, please bank on us for the same as we render these printers to the customers coupled with the required technical support. Please call upon +971555279076 so that our service team could assist you in suggesting a printer which can work best for you. Please visit our official website at for more information.

Rent Printer: The most preferred option on par with permanent printers in the market

Printers have always been a pivotal component designed for the volume printouts which is designed for volume printouts be it a small company or for the larger company. In this endeavor, rent printer has always been a viable choice umpteen corporate and large enterprises for their printer requirements.

In fact, in today’s scenario, all the major brands of printers be it the Epson, HP, Canon to name a few are now available on rental mode.

Techno Edge Systems on SME’s and large enterprises for the printer support

Techno Edge Systems have always assisted the SME’s (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) and the large enterprises and have always been on a forefront in rendering the printers on rent in Dubai, UAE.

Benefits of Rent printers specifically for the umpteen numbers of enterprises for the following reasons:

  • Printers on rent have always reduced the capital costs, which are generally incurred during the purchase of the permanent printers.
  • The customers can indeed reap the benefit of having the latest and the most upgraded printers which come into the market.
  • These rented printers come with an ensured technical support.
  • Most of these printers are further ensured with an AMC support which essentially involves the frequent technical-check and resolution of the same.

Our leverage on the inkjet printers which are being rented out

An ordinary inkjet printer is perfect for basic printing needs. The inkjet printer is easy to install and use, laser printer rental is an ideal solution for heavy work. Monochrome and color laser printers are available.


Techno Edge’s take on the rent printer-Laser printer

Techno Edge has always been a preferred vendor for the laser printers in Dubai, UAE. In general, laser printers are the one which generally versatile devices which can render volume printouts in large enterprise organizations.

We have constantly upgraded ourselves in the market with reference to stocking in the most advanced and the upgraded laser printers which are available in the market today. Our esteemed customers can choose the best and the highest configuration printers for rent at their premises and can get the pleasure and convenience of high-quality printouts in the office premises.

Techno Edge boosts of having the sufficient stock of printers in the digital store

We have been known for having the sufficient stock of printers at our store for the customers, and apart from that, we take pride in offering certain customized variants of printers for certain specific requirement mandates.

Techno Edge System’s technical support wing

The most pivotal component as a rental vendor is our technical support wing, our engineers in-house have always been able to resolve the complex problems associated with a printer both at the client’s premises or at our service center.

We take a pride in the market by rendering the premium technical support for our customers who have opted for the printer on rent.

Our leverage on the duration

We constantly fulfill the expectations of the customer by ensuring that our printers on rent leverage itself for a long duration. The customers can derive the benefit of having the printer for a prolonged time period of more than a year which also incorporates the AMC as well.

In the event, that you are looking out for rent printers in Dubai, UAE, you can rely on us for the most upgraded printers. Please call us on +971555279076 so that our sales team could eventually get in touch with you for the further proceedings. Please visit our website for more information.

Printer Rental proves as a benchmark in easing out the printer bottlenecks

  • Are you the one who is using an old printer which has been proven to be inefficient as it is not able to leverage the best output volume as expected?
  • Are you the one, who is predominantly looking out for printing solutions, but getting dismayed of the impending cost that printer brings with it?

If the above-mentioned problems worries you quite often, then, in that case, we as Techno Edge Systems are the one-stop solutions for all kinds of printers on rent, we offer a plethora of services from our end which would in-fact ease out your potential, worries with reference to the printers.


As part of the hiring options for printers are concerned following are the benefits that we offer to the esteemed customers;

  • When you take the printer on rental services from us, you can rest assured of having the most cost effective solution which incorporates the latest technology in the market with reference to your printers. On par with the printer rental option, you can have a leverage upon the latest printer which could incorporate the multifunctional capabilities such as the scanner, fax machine, PDF writer, document manager, photocopier and of course the printer all inclusive in one printer which is being rented out.
  • The most important component with reference to the printer is the cartridge, as we rent out the printers we also take care of the cartridge as a part of the rental contract with you.
  • Printers could significantly add to the incurring expenditure on the paper’s that are being fed in, in the event when the printers are being leased out to us, there would be a significant reduction in the expenditure.
  • On a corporate level, printer on rent can prove to be efficient cost-cutting methods on the capital expenses.

Techno Edge Systems have carved a unique niche in the market today as being one of the most preferred vendors for Printer rental in Dubai, UAE as we accommodate the vast array of advanced printers which would be available for lease with us.

The printer rental option would also bring about the technical support along with the renting options

The most cumbersome component for any organization, in general, is the technical glitch that they keep having with printers. This bottleneck significantly increases when the printer is subjected to heavy volume printing, which is well beyond the normal printing needs.

These situations could lead to havoc if not taken care of it immediately, towards this Techno Edge Systems have always understood the plight of the customer with reference to their printer usages and render the timely technical support to the printers and resolve the technical issues at the earliest so that the daily operations go seamlessly.

We take a pride in having the in-house technical experts who bring about decades of expertise in dealing with multitudes of printers which comes in the market. Our engineers have resolved the technical glitch if any at the client side or if the problem is a bigger one, they would bring the printer to the service station and resolve the problems within the less turnaround time (TAT)

In the event that you are having a printer which gives you the possible bottlenecks, please approach us for the same as we bring about an excellent rental option for the printers and troubleshoot the printer problems at the earliest. Please call us on the +971555279076. We would really appreciate if you could have a glance at our official website at for more comprehensive information in reference to printers.

Printer Rental has always been a viable option for entrepreneurs

In today’s scenario, the most important asset for any business to flourish well is to possess the required assets with them, which would possibly ease out certain bottlenecks in the day-to-day work schedules and one such asset is to have a printer rental in place.

Each and every employee in an organization would require a printer to have their jobs done through them and it is this asset in them that enables them to excel in their respective project be it project presentation, software documentations etc.

As a matter of fact, in a large organization, possessing a basic printer would always lead to a certain bottleneck as they do not have the capacity in them to handle the multiple workloads which do happen in an organization.

Budget constraints in the procurement of permanent printers

Further, it also needs to be considered that most organizations do not have the sufficient budgets in place to procure a permanent printers for their sustained use, since the printers do come with huge price tag and also could possibly accommodate the maintenance of printers which could also possibly build up the cost towards maintenance, when used for a prolonged time period.

Printer Rental

Printer on Rent remains a sustainable option for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s)

Under these situations, the only options to be executed would be having a printer on a rent or lease on their premises. Printer rental would always incorporate the latest technology with them, which could benefit the company for a long period under the rental scheme. Further, these companies would be completely relying on the printer rental service providers, who deliver the printers for rent and also could efficiently carry out their maintenance as well. Techno Edge Systems have always in been forefront in rendering their support towards printer rental in Dubai, UAE.

In fact, printer rental would always be a boon for companies since they are able to leverage upon the latest printers which are available in the market and so possessing a permanent laptop would always not be a viable option for the companies.

Technical Support rendered by a printer rental company in Dubai, UAE

We at Techno Edge Systems, with decades of experience of a vast array of printers, have always been spearheading in delivering the most advanced printers in Dubai, UAE and are able to render the printer rental in Dubai. 

Techno Edge Systems has an in-house technical team in place, our technical team comprises of technical experts who specifically troubleshoot vast array of printers both at the client location and at the service station. Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) has always been towards resolving any technical issue within a stipulated time period.

As a business entrepreneur, if you are looking forward to a printer to on rent option, do revert back to us or call us at +971555279076. We would really appreciate if you could have a glance at our official website at for more comprehensive information in reference to printers.

Printer Rentals for Varied Use

Printer Rental Dubai

Choosing the right kind of printer for different use can be overwhelming at times…

Who wouldn’t want to bring versatility to our home or business? Don’t we want to have all the right products for getting the things done precisely according to our taste? Read on to know more about printers.

Printers are one of the most important devices without which, getting by with the day-to-day activities is difficult. If you are the one with the photographic interests for instance, then to have those vibrant photos of wildlife or nature or of human beings, not to mention your own personal photos printed, you would need a printer. In either case, choosing the right printer for a diverse use is the key.

First off, one should differentiate the use. For example, an inkjet printer is ideal for producing those vivacious colors in a photograph, while the laser printers are perfect for multitasking like printing loads of documents etc.

Identify which category you fall into…

Home Use:

A home user has some pretty odd tasks like printing a document, at times a photograph or medical files to print. For normal day –to-day activities a normal inkjet printer would suffice.


The project works, thesis or you name it, this category of users have a lot to do with the printers. Moreover, the students have the time crunch as well, for which the laser printers are the most feasible option.


Hands down their requirement would be an inkjet printer or as an alternative, you can consider a multitasking multi-functional printer.

Small Business:

For a small business, the ideal printer would be the multi-functional printer, which tends to do all the jobs required for a business, but in moderation.


Workgroup laser printers or the production laser printers would be the best bet for this category.

Types of Printers

Inkjet Printers:

Inkjet printers have been around for almost 10 years now. The technology behind the inkjet printer is that it sprays ink onto the paper. It is ideal for photographic prints, who want high-quality prints or home users or small business as the ink cartridges and the material required for printing can be quite expensive.

Laser Printers:

The laser printers go back to a long time to 1975 when it was first introduced by IBM. These printers are capable of producing sharp prints with high speed. However, color laser printers are a tad expensive for the small business or home use unless there is a pressing need for laser printers. Nevertheless, in a long run, laser printers are less expensive to maintain as the ink need not be replenished quite often, due to laser technology. Moreover, the inkjet printers, which tend to smear at times right after use, the laser printers do not. A personal laser printer can print up to 8 pages per minute. However, a work group printer can print 24 pages per minute, while on the other hand, a production printer which is quite a bit expensive can print up to 700 pages per minute.

Multi-functional Printers:

They are kind of printers with all-in-one functionality; they tend to work as a printer, copier, and scanner with an occasional addition of fax capabilities as well. They can be used for laser printing for speedy texts as well as an occasional use as an inkjet printer as well for quality prints.

Solid ink Printers:

These printers had their time before the laser printers started evolving. The quality is almost as good as the laser printers, however, quality wise fall short when compared to the inkjet printers.

We Laptop Rental UAE mare stalwarts for printer rentals in Dubai. While it could be mind boggling to choose a right printer for hire for a different use, our technicians here can help you out with the options that best suit you and help you stick to your budget at the same time. Come and explore the world of printers and make your pick from the best available choices of printers with us.Just Reach us +971 55 527 9076 and visit