Choose Laptop Rentals in Dubai for Testing Latest Tech Launches

Microsoft is rolling out two new features with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for PCs. Read ahead to find out the juicy details of the two latest features.

Laptops are not just meant for the fully-abled people anymore. The new Windows 10 feature is a breakthrough, which will help the physically challenged people also to use laptops without much effort. The ‘Eye Control’ feature of Windows 10 will help the users to navigate through the OS with the help of eye control alone. Try out the new feature with the laptop rental in Dubai and look for yourself what is in store.

Of course, the new Microsoft feature requires a compatible aid, in the likes of the Tobii Eye tracker 4C. The feature when turned on, a launch pad will help in controlling the mouse, keypad, and the text-speech tool by reading the eye movements.  For the moment, the eye control feature works only on the US English language keyboard, however, it is soon going to adapt well to the other languages as well. Operating the mouse with the eyes is as simple as selecting the mouse option from the launch pad and position the eyes wherever they want the cursor to be placed. On the similar lines, the users can select the keyboard from the launch pad and focus on the characters they want to be typed.

Laptop Rental in Dubai


However, there seem to be some loopholes in the tool, one of which is its inability to work under sunlight. Apparently, the tool needs to be calibrated differently for working under diverse lighting conditions. Another, should we say an inconvenience is the fact that the Launchpad which partially blocks the Tobii UI, makes it difficult during the device calibration. However, turning the Eye Control feature off, one can change the calibration of the UI and once again turn the feature on. Dismissing the loopholes, for now, the Eye Control feature is definitely worth trying, isn’t it? What’s your take?

Microsoft has made advancement on another ground altogether as well. This time it is with the console. We have been seeing the windows command prompt in monochrome alone for past 20 years except for maybe in the sci-fi movies. The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build (v16257), which brings the ‘Eye Control’ feature, also supports the color Windows console. However, it is reported that the default settings have to be tweaked a bit to give the modern look and feel on the latest display screens.

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Choose LED Screen Rentals to Enhance the Flavor of the Event

LED screen rentals in Dubai are garnering popularity essentially due to the fact that they provide unrestrained entertainment factor at relatively lower costs. An event, when watched on magnanimously large screens provides multi-fold entertainment. Listed below are a few reasons why LED screens usage has become so trendy of late.

LED TV Rental Dubai


Larger than life image

The sole reason why the attendees take part in the events/Live shows/sports is for entertainment. They want to be enthralled, engaged and immersed totally in the events for which they might have spent oodles of money. They look for pure entertainment and with the hustle bustle in front of the show, the large LED TV screens are the only mode of capturing the live moments without interruption.

Engages The Crowd

Who doesn’t feel thrilled to be cast live on large screens? The LED screens offer the crowd the sense of satisfaction by seeing themselves on the large screens right when they are filmed. Or displaying the funny social media posts on the screens in front of the crowd. The possibilities are limitless to engage the crowd.

Long-distance viewing

The LED screens offer the visibility even from a great distance by capturing even the minutest detail of the event. The large screens extend the first-class experience to all the attendees of the event with its impressive display even in broad daylight.


With the durability and longevity of the LED lights, the LED screens have the capability to withstand even the toughest of the weather conditions like rain and heavy wind. However, any such circumstances arise, the technicians from the LED TV rental company will be there to assist you to handle the situation.


The icing on the cake is its versatility to transform into a commercial during breaks; advertising the sponsors etc. due to the ease it offers with changing the content dynamically. It is needless to say that at this age iPads, the content can be controlled easily with the tablets itself.

While the above factors are the reasons why large event management companies are engaging the LED screens for their events, one must consider the following aspects before opting for the LED screen rentals.

  • Estimate the crowd and viewing distance for best exposure.
  • Screen size needed.
  • Availability of electricity and other factors for supporting the LED screens.
  • The content to be displayed on the LED screens. There are three types of LED screens used for the outdoor displays- full color LED screen, monochrome and the dual colored LED screen.
  • Whether the screen is for indoor or outdoor display as the resolution of the LED screens for the outdoor display should be lower as the audience are placed farther from the screen.

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Make a profitable business with a rental laptop in Dubai

Laptops are necessary for any company to run its business. But maintaining them and understanding them can be a tough job. Be it in terms of upgrading them, satisfying their constant needs, or updating with their new versions. There are also unlucky chances of the business to go down since the focus shifts into wasting time and effort in dealing with these things.

Laptop Rental in Dubai

You can think the smart way by renting instead of buying so that the rental agency would see through all the requirements before hiring the rental laptop. You can remain relaxed, putting the core focus on your business and boosting up the productivity.

Instances where purchasing and maintaining can be a trouble for your business:

1) Out of use:

For a week’s purpose, the business may need a few laptops. After use, they are kept aside hoping to use later. The devices may be broken, damaged or misplaced. So they do not serve the purpose when a productive meeting or event needs to be held. The progress of the business might be affected.

2) Technology changes

The modern business has become more global and competitive. With technology utilized at an optimum level, the chances of success in business can be way far high. But you may be wondering as to how much time, money and effort you are investing in the technological aspects of the laptops.

Renting over buying can help relieve you of the extra burden and allow you to work closely on your goals. All the technical requirements will be taken care of by the rental agency itself.

3) Deficit in laptops

For training sessions, a certain number of laptops may come into a requirement. If the number available is less, it is not possible to conduct the training for all the employees at once but in batches. If you stick to buying, you cannot always reach the exact number since the requirement may differ with the occasion.
For all the hassles arising out of buying and maintaining laptops, easy and smart way is to hire a laptop. Rent when and where you choose to, they can serve right then. So business goes smoothly with a boost up.

Are you looking for a laptop hire in Dubai? See if we might be the ones you are on the search for. At Techno Edge Systems L.L.C in Dubai, we have a large number of laptops of various brands pooling with us. Pick the model, version, size, weight or color you want at an affordable price. In addition, we extend prompt IT services to satisfy our customers to the core. We make quality control check before you rent the laptop from us. Believing in a friendly and a healthy relationship with our clients is our motto for success.

Business profits are close by with our rental laptops that help you work your way up the ladder without interruption.

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What can a rental laptop mean to you?

How essential laptops have become in business is not a new criterion. For simple or complex tasks, dependency on laptops has risen to the core. Their portable nature and easy usage make it having a laptop worthwhile. Also, compared to a desktop, it is more compact with all the components an integral part of it. Adding to the convenience of users, laptops are undergoing swift customizations to get more user-friendly. With a wide range of models flooding the trade world, laptop users have a big choice too. Altogether, for portability, convenience, and compactness, they are everyone’s first preference over desktops. If you are located anywhere in Dubai and looking for a rental laptop, we at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C offer the laptops you need. Purchasing a laptop is a usual practice, but why should you consider a rental laptop?

Laptop Rental in Dubai

1) Saves money on upgrading

Every time technology changes, laptops need to be upgraded, this could be expensive. Here renting can be a good option saving you money and allowing you to choose high end, mid-range or entry level laptops as you desire.

2) On site servicing

A good advantage with the rental service company would be to avail on-site support. They not only provide you constant help but advise you with any issues with the laptop.

3) Repairs on rental can save money

The repairs associated with laptops need technical assistance and in doing so a lot of money gets used up. When you rent a laptop on a contract basis, the company undertakes the repairs with a less economic burden on you.

4) Short to long term rental options

Based on your requirement, you can go for a rental laptop with flexible renting options. You can hire a laptop for a short or a long period of time so long as you need it.

We at Techno Edge Systems L.L.C in Dubai provide you a wide range of laptops of various versions, colors, sizes and models for you to choose from. If hiring a laptop is what you want, we are at your service.

To hire a laptop, call Techno Edge Systems L.L.C at +971 55 527 9076 or refer to our website

Readymade and Customer-friendly Benefits of Laptop Rental in Dubai

A laptop can heed to all needs of yours in today’s technological world. For millions, it stands as a top priority and they feel a kind of emptiness in the absence of a laptop. Being your best companion, a laptop serves you with its extraordinary features. The entire world craves to possess a laptop and you may be one. Owing to financial constraints, it may remain a dream for many to use the laptop of an expensive brand like Dell, Acer or any other such brand. This is where laptop rental in Dubai can be your best saviour. You can have a wide choice of laptops of numerous brands with the configuration you want.

Laptop Rental Dubai

Laptop rental is advantageous in many ways:

1) Cost saving:

Renting a laptop has been proven to be the most economical way of having a laptop. Instead of paying a full price for a purchased laptop, it is better settling it cheap with a rental laptop. Once the laptop is used, it can be exchanged with other models.

2) Wide Choice

With rental laptops, a wide choice of various configurations and brands, is available at your desk. So, associating with a rental laptop company can be the best option. In addition to renting, rental companies offer services spanning from support to maintenance of laptops.

3) Flexible

Rental options are flexible so you can happily rent a laptop for a day, week or longer. These short-term or long term renting comforts can be worthwhile at the end satisfying your needs instantly. So you do not have to look back. Choosing on the flexible option of renting a laptop can be the very solution.

4) Urgency

What if you are away from the city to attend an emergency? Carrying a laptop would be forgotten by chance and you land in trouble being unable reach your target. Relying on a rental laptop may erase any such difficulty by providing you instant help at your doorstep.

5) Upgrading made easy

Upgrading your laptop seems to be a concern since it can cost you a lot. But if it is a rental laptop, you do not have to shell out much money since they provide you the upgraded models you desire.

Right from small businesses, conferences to travel, one can gain an easy access to a laptop by renting it. With low cost, you can avail high-end rental laptops of your choice. Spanning from a single laptop to a number of laptops can be taken for rent. Once the work is done, comfortably, you can return the laptop. The technical issues you have with a laptop will be sorted out with laptop rentals too. So the quickest, easiest and cost-friendly solution is hiring a laptop rather than buying and burning your pockets.

So panic free, one can go ahead with their targets and duties uninterrupted. No worry at all you do not have a laptop, a rental laptop in Dubai can fill the gap. Some rental dealers supply accessories like speakers, DVDs etc. Techno Edge Systems L.L.C can be a trusted destination for the rental laptop needs. Contact us at +971 55 5279076 or visit

Rent LED Screens Today To Make Your Event a Success

We are sure many of us can relate to the outdoor movies played during the festivals/social events from a throwback time. While that concept is still alive and kicking, there are a few places in some parts of the world where they show movies on huge screens, where you can just drive in and park your car and watch movies listening in from the car’s stereo. To cut to the chase, right from high school scoreboard to video systems in large stadiums, or music events or festivals, large LED screens make an event visually compelling and ever so interesting persuading the viewers to take an active interest in the events. For all such instances, we at Techno Edge Systems offer LED screen rentals in Dubai to make your event a huge success.

LED screen Rental Dubai

People attending the large events like the music concerts want them to be an unforgettable experience of their life. The large LED screens provide an ample opportunity for making the event classier than reality. If you want your event to be a success, it is entirely in your hands. You can take a creative approach by using the curved LED screens for effect, choosing the right size of the screen to make that everlasting impression topped with ideal configurations for bringing out the precise image.

As mentioned earlier, huge LED screens are used for watching the outdoor movies as well. It brings together the joy of enjoying with family and friends surrounded by the ambiance of an open atmosphere right under the sky.  Unlike the movie theaters, you are allowed to enjoy the food and drinks of your choice in the outdoor movies.

Techno Edge Systems offers large LED screen rentals in Dubai meant for all kinds of events. Our experienced staff is highly capable of handling all your requirements right from setting up the LED screens to providing you with all the support system required. Be it a corporate event or a social event, a game or a festival, we make sure that the LED screen rental plan fits your budget.

Contact Techno Edge Systems at +971 55 5279076, for more details on LED rental in Dubai.

Take TV Watching Experience a Notch Higher With LED TV Rental in Dubai

When we watch a TV, we would want that immersive experience that helps us let go of the pressures we take during the course of the day. Anything less than that is not acceptable. To have us totally engrossed, it is essential to have a ‘quality’ television first, more than anything else. A LED TV offers that out of the world experience mostly due to the technology behind it.  We at Techno Edge Systems let LED TV rentals in Dubai, which are of high-quality, branded and latest models for short-term and long-term use. In case you are stuck with the older technology TV and looking for a change or if you are facing a TV breakdown or you intend to try a particular brand of TV before you purchase; approach us to have your favorite LED TV with you in no time through a quick rental process.

LED TV Rental Dubai

What exactly makes a LED TV so impressive?

So, why are LED TVs so popular? It’s basically the picture quality that enhances the involvement of the viewer. When you are watching a movie in a plain LCD TV, and for instance, if you imagine watching a night scene, the CCFL lights which light up the screen are unable to dim sufficiently. The essentially dark areas are turned to mere grey and not producing the effect; the brighter areas like the headlights of the car are also not convincing and thereby failing to get the truer black and white effect. Here is where the LED TV picture quality is vastly different. In the LED backlit LCD TV, the full LED TVs where the entire screen has the LED bulbs placed; the entire cluster of LED bulbs behind the supposedly dark areas tend to independently turn off bringing out the deep black effect. However, the local dimming is not applicable to the edge LED TVs where the LED bulbs are placed towards the edge, however, the edge LED TVs can turn out to be thinner due to this arrangement.  It is entirely with the brand to produce the Edge LED or Full LED TVs; this basically translates to the fact that the edge LED TVs are cheaper as compared to the full LED TVs that make use of over 200 LED bulbs for an impressive display.

To have the breath taking experience of watching a TV, choose LED TV rental in Dubai from Techno Edge Systems. Contact us for details at +971 55 5279076.

Laptop Rental, an Ideal Solution for Short-Term Requirements

Whether it is a project that landed quite unexpectedly with tight deadlines, a business event planned in the nick of the time or an inevitable business expansion and you have to churn out laptops in a quickest possible way; laptop rental is the smartest solution to meet the requirements. Of late, renting laptops is the fastest way to make the laptops available for immediate use, which is not just a common approach, but offers a multitude of flexibility and options to the customers. We at Techno Edge Systems offer customized laptop rental meant for niche use based on the customer prerequisites.

Laptop Rental

We have listed down a few instances where laptop rental services are ideal for temporary needs:

  • Students require the laptops that are best suited for the courses they are contemplating to seek. As each school/college has unique hardware specifications to enable the course-specific software to run on it, the rental company essentially provides the laptops that match the exact specifications.

  • Business events need high-quality laptops incorporated with the latest technology. This could possibly include SSDs, high-end GPUs, latest processors with best processing speeds, display screens with HD resolution, best Wi-Fi connectivity, which are meant for temporary use, not compromising on the technology at the same time required in huge quantity. Renting laptops from a reliable rental company is a feasible solution to handle the situation.

  • Projects with special needs require laptops with certain essential features meant only for the interim use, which make hiring laptops a best possible way to address it. However, the rental company should be requested to make the laptops with similar requirements available for the duration of time.

Here’s how Techno Edge Systems makes the laptop rental process more reliable:

  • Fast, reliable and guaranteed delivery of laptops
  • Technical assistance
  • Perfectly configured laptops as specified
  • Laptop replacement in case of breakdowns

For Laptop rentals in Dubai, contact Techno Edge Systems at +971 55 5279076.

Four Reasons Why Laptops Still Beat the Tablets

Though tablets are becoming increasingly popular due to its unmatched portability, laptops are still ruling the computing world with its immense storage capacity and performance.  It is not as if laptops are impossible to be carried around; they do serve the purpose of the portability just like a tablet does, making the laptops versatile products meant for every use. For dedicated laptop fans who like to stick to the flexibility the laptops offer, we at Techno Edge Systems offer the latest range of laptop rental in Dubai for a wide variety of use.

Laptop Rental Dubai

Why laptops have an edge over tablets?

Lack of keyboard: With the users more tuned to typing on the keyboard, it makes it difficult to type with as much speed on the virtual keyboards that offer various patterns or layouts for typing. Moreover, you need to put the tablet in your lap for extensive typing failing the purpose of the hand-held device like a tablet. This means while laptops are meant for prolonged typing, the tablets are made to handle the to-the-point form of communication making the laptops ideal for business use, student use where a tremendous amount of typing is required.

Storage Capacity: The laptops by far beat the tablets where the storage capacity is concerned. While the laptops rely on the conventional hard disks to offer about 500 GB of storage capacity, the tablets depend on the SSDs which are though faster with low consumption of energy, offer only 16-128 GB of storage.

Performance: When it comes to performance, once again laptops have the edge. Though for handling simple tasks like browsing the net or checking emails, both the laptops and the tablets more or less fare up similarly, there is a marked difference when it comes to multi-tasking, or with the video or photo editing. Agreed that iPad Pro has some ground-breaking technology making it as good as an average laptop when compared to its laptop counterpart, it once again falls behind.

Dependency: While you can have a laptop as a fully functional device for carrying out all the functionalities, the tablet cannot fare up to be a standalone device. Tablets are essentially secondary devices which need additional computer support for cloud storage or for backing up files.

Though there isn’t the same amount of portability when we compare the laptops and the tablets, the laptops offer high-end flexibility with its performance and ease of use. Contact Techno Edge Systems at +971 55 5279076 if you are looking for any kind of laptop rental in Dubai.

Guide to Choose an Ideal Photocopier for Your Business

If you are contemplating to rent a photocopier for your business, then you are at the right place.


Photocopier Rental

Dubai is inarguably one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. The uptake of latest technology products is highest in Dubai as compared to most of the cities in the world. On that note, we at Laptop Rental UAE intend to keep our customers updated on the latest electronic products and help you make the well-informed decisions and smart choices. Through this article, we hope to give you an insight on photocopiers, their niche use and expect to guide you through choosing the right photocopier to meet your requirement.

If you are the one to make sensible choices and like to make latest products a part of your daily work routine, then first and foremost, digital photocopiers are the answer. As opposed to the analog photocopiers, which are though available in the market, the digital copiers are way ahead in terms of functionality. The services the latest multi-functional digital copiers offer of late are not just limited to copying; they also present with services like scanning, printing, faxing, downloading and emailing ( with internet connectivity of course).

Here are the takeaways of digital copiers over the older models

Print speed: While the older models of photocopier used to churn out around 30 pages per minute, the latest digital copiers have a scope of printing 22-100 pages per minute. Moreover, the warm-up speed is also brought down ranging anywhere between 3.5 to 7.5 seconds

Print Volume: The paper sources of the copier machines are trays or cassettes. While the basic models are capable of accommodating 100 sheets in the tray and around 250 in a cassette, the premium models can accommodate 500 sheets in the tray and up to 2000 in the cassette.

Graphic Capabilities: While the Analog models offer an image resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, digital models are capable of producing an impressive 4,800 x 600 dpi.

Paper size: The digital copiers are capable of printing on a large variety of paper sizes ranging from an envelope size and go up to as big as 13 x 19 inches.

Types of Digital Copiers

First off, you should evaluate the use of the photocopier, how much volume are you looking at and how hard pressed for time you are. Taking these factors into consideration, you might be able to take the right decision while choosing the photocopier.

1. Monochrome digital copier: These are the most basic photocopiers in the genre of digital copiers. They tend to provide all the functionalities like copying, printing, faxing and scanning; however, they fail in providing the graphical capabilities. These are ideal for small businesses which can accommodate 100 sheets in tray and 550 in a cassette. They churn out 30-140 ppm.

2. Digital color copier: These photocopiers have a marked space in the category of copiers. They are capable of printing 40-90 ppm with the capacity to house 1000 sheets in the tray and 500-1500 sheets in the cassette. These a capable of producing classy prints ideal for marketing use in large companies with the resolution ranging from 600 x 600 dpi to 2,400 x 600 dpi.

3. All-in-one copier: These copiers are targeted for small business and home office use offering the basic functionalities of print, scan, and copy. These are more often than not, desktop models presenting with the resolution of up to 1200 x 600 dpi.

4. Multi-functional copiers: The market share of this product is essentially more than the rest of the category of copiers, however, they tend to be like the Jack of all trades, but do not master in any of those. They, at a minimum, offer the services of printing, copying, and scanning.

Copier Rental vs. Buying

Finally, we have arrived at the section where there are no hard and fast rules. However, one thing is for sure that on an average a decent photocopier is very expensive. Apart from the fact that Dubai offers a wide range of rental options and prefer to stay updated in terms of technology, which is why people in Dubai opt for renting over purchasing; there are a few things we have worked out for you.

• Renting offers the option of shirking away from the responsibility of disposing of the product once it depreciates.

• Tax incentives are for one, you can claim if you rent a copier.

• Staying updated with the technology is something you cannot ignore, as the value of any electronic product beyond 5 years is questionable.

With all these benefits, the real question is whether you can still make a right decision while weighing the options as to leasing or buying a photocopier. The bottom line is what kind of usage are you looking at as the buy or lease of the photocopier essentially depends on the estimated use.

Let us say, it costs around 7 fils for a color page in Dubai, and your monthly average for printing is 200 copies per month, costing around AED 1680 in a yearly contract, which you can get it for around AED 550 at Laptop Rental UAE. Now, let’s compare this with the average cost of a decent digital photocopier, which could be around AED 5000
and might be able to produce around 20 ppm. The math is right before you and it is your call at the end of the day.

For more details on the Photocopier rentals and to take an intelligent decision while choosing the right copier for your use, talk to our experts at Laptop Rental UAE at +971 55 5279076.